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Faith Through The Afflictions

I am the daughter of a Pastor now for six years. Lately me and my parents have been going through afflictions.The first thing that happened is my mother’s dad died and she was a few months away before getting her residency to finally travel to see him after twenty something years of not seeing him. So she was left with confusion and sadness but thank God she has been better now. We have accepted that God works in mysterious ways and he just did not permit my mother to see him, it was just his time and we will see him in heaven.

Next a lot of members in our church started leaving and causing problems, so that affect us. My father has also been having health issues because of the stress and on top of being the pastor of a large church, he works 70 hours a week in his Job. For myself, and the hardest thing that we have been going through is my Fiancé of three years left me. The story behind him leaving is very complicated but we basically did not have communication. We are both immature and I would talk down on him and he would shut everything in and wouldn’t talk to me about how he felt until he finally blew up and left. The Lord has talked to us several times that yes, he did put him in my family. The last thing God has told him was that Pastoral weight that my father feels on his shoulders, he will feel. So I am left feeling very confused.

I have asked God and he has told my mother that he separated us because we were not able to get married with my character so strong and his heart so broken from me and his father who emotionally abused him. I have faith he will come back, I know the Lord is going to change him and he will have to take him into very dark valleys until he decides to finally forgive me and his past and give his life entirely to God. but for right now – he is focused on worldly things and there are times were I think he is at peace having fun without me, while I am over here crying and praying, reading the word, fasting for him to come back. I am happy that I am searching for the Lord now and when he does come back, I will be able to say: We are together because of God’s mercy. Pray for us. God bless.