A Businessman Praying

What to Do When People Belittle You?

Early during the pandemic, I applied for a job, but unknown to me, someone in that company knew me and talked evil about me. I wasn’t hired even though I aced all the tests. Back home, our neighbors were making fun of me for being jobless. Before that, some people were aware that I was planning to put up a business and stole my business idea.

I was going to give it as a gift to my mom. Unfortunately, those same people put up the said business. I was disheartened because they stole it. I was mad at it for many months, but I left it all in GOD’s hands.

Months later, I was hired and by the mercies of GOD, was promoted after 2-3 months of working. Now I got more money than what I can possibly earn through that business venture I planned before. I got more astonishing friends who accept me for who I am and got my back. I am in a much better company, and better pay with an easier and relaxed job.

I now understand that GOD’s ways are higher than our ways. Some people can manipulate us in a negative way, but GOD could and would turn it around for our good.

If you are in a tight situation or if you are surrounded by people who belittle you or manipulate you to fall, know that GOD will raise you up in a much better way than you can possibly imagine. Never doubt GOD’s goodness and never forget to spend time with HIM and give HIM thanks on a daily basis. Let your focus be upon GOD and fix your eyes upon HIM.

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