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Ex-Orthodox Hindu

Testimony By: C C Soundararajan

I was born in a Christian family. My father was from an orthodox hindu family and in his early twenties he became a Christian due to the influence of some friends. My grandfather threw him out of the house and my father moved to a place called Madurai where a Christian doctor helped him to work as well as study. Because of his help, my father later went for his paramedical training in Christian Medical College, Vellore and he later joined Leprosy mission as a paramedical worker. My mother was from a Christian family and she was a staff nurse. I have two brothers, an elder and a younger.

We were brought up in strict Christian principles by our parents in our younger age. Regular Sunday church and Sunday school, daily Bible reading and family prayer etc were strictly followed in our home. For my high school, I moved to hostel and that brought many changes in my life. I started going out regularly with my friends and Bible and God became secondary to me.

During my college days, I started smoking cigarettes and drinking (though occasionally). I was not concentrating on studies and in the final year I could not clear all the papers. Somehow, I cleared them next time and started applying for M.Sc but since my marks were not good enough, I could not join M.Sc immediately. During that time, I became more secular blaming the Almighty for all my problems.

After some struggle, I started working in a private concern as a “Biochemist” in their quality control section. While working there, I got an interview for M.Sc from Calicut University and since the admission was late by almost 9 months, I managed to join there for M.Sc Biochemistry. Because of my B.Sc experience, I tried hard and passed my M.Sc with comparatively good marks (first mark among the Biochemistry students). My M.Sc project guide pleased with my performance, recommended me to his friend and junior in All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, and he helped me to join for Ph.D in Department of Neurology.

Life became stereotypic work till Saturday and enjoy Saturday evening with friends (most of the Saturdays spent on drinking) and take rest on Sundays. Whenever some Christian friends called me for church or fellowship, I was not having time. Meanwhile one Hindu converted Christian became my friend and during our chattings, I started feeling ashamed because I didn’t know Bible extensively like her. Through her I came to be friends with two other doctors who follow Lord Jesus steadfastly. When they were talking many things the Lord has done in their life and the importance of seeking guidance of the Lord, I was bit sarcastic about that in my mind and always tried to escape from them.

During the final stages of my PhD, I had a health problem revisited after 14 years. Since I was doing my PhD under the head of the department, I was getting a royal treatment but had some adverse reaction for the drug. This incident helped me to give up my cigarette smoking, slowed down my fast-track life and I started spending more time away from the lab. Meanwhile I had to extend my PhD due to this issue and submitted my thesis in March 2005.

I continued working in the same project till my public defense in 2006 and during that time I became close to one doctor who was steadfastly following the Lord. Within months I joined in National Institute of Immunology as a “Research Associate” and the work schedule became slightly relaxed. When I was undergoing treatment, in my wilderness, I also started seeking the Lord slowly and Lord, in His mercy, completely healed me. I started attending a Spirit-filled fellowship and started reading the Bible sincerely.

I discovered that Christianity is nothing but having a personal relationship with the Lord and fulfilling His purpose in our lives. Lord started leading me through His words and I witnessed that being led by Him is much easier and fruitful than trying to struggle your way using our limited knowledge. I gave up drinking also by that time and Lord helped me to realize that whatever I’ve achieved so far, it was all by His grace and not by my talent or intellect. I, pretty convinced, took water baptism in late 2006 and since then it has been an amazing journey.

During Christmas time in 2006, I visited my friend’s place in Kerala and an anointed pastor visited his home. I met this pastor once in Delhi and he was having the gift of prophecy. When he was praying for me, He told

“Lord will give you a good job in AIIMS itself and then He will take you to USA for His purpose’.

During that time my tenure in NII was getting over and I was looking for a position in other places. I attended one interview in AIIMS for a project position but that turned out to be a failure. In March 2007, out of the blue I’ve got an interview card for a permanent position in AIIMS (Scientist grade) for which I’ve applied two years before. I was informed earlier that the particular post was not sanctioned by the ministry of health. By His grace, I got selected for the job and in September 2007 I joined in the same lab where I did my PhD just next to the faculty in-charge of the lab. God raised me above many people who criticized me earlier and helped me to discharge my duties sincerely and honestly.

Meanwhile because of His leading, I started applying for postdoctoral fellowship in USA and I was selected in Johns Hopkins medical school (Division of Neuroimmunology) for this fellowship, mainly because of the short work I did in NII. My previous experiences led me to resign my permanent position without any hesitation and I moved to Baltimore in November 2008. Here also He has been leading me with His words and taking care of all my needs, whether it is spiritual or worldly.

In this January my principal investigator informed me that my fellowship would not be extended after June due to problems in funding. But within days I was selected for two positions within Hopkins and Lord showed me which one I should take. He cleared all the hurdles and I’ve joined the new position in mid-April. Lord gave me some good Christian friends and helped us to do some student outreach activities among Indian students. I don’t know how long He would keep me here, but I know wherever the place might be, He would lead me according to His will.

For my marriage also I am waiting on the Lord to find out the exact person appointed by the Lord. I am on the lookout for a life partner who is zealous for the Lord and wait upon the Lord for everything. Please prayerfully consider this proposal because unless He builds the house, its builders labor in vain.


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