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Meeting God

God bless you for reading this. I would like to share my testimony how I met God 4 years ago. But I have to explain who I was before I met him.

My wife forced me to go to church and when I went there, I looked at the people and judged and said to myself these people are fake, liars, phonies. I will always say bad things about the pastor and the servants. They would come to me and talk about the word, but I wouldn’t listen. I stopped going. I told my wife leave me alone I don’t want to go back. She would ask me to pray, and I said to her you should pray. She plays Christian music. I told her shut it off it gives me headache.

And one of the servants was my friend and told me they had a meeting about me. They wanted to come to my house and encourage me to come back. But one of the servants said what’s the point, he will never find God. When I heard this, I went in rage, and I made it my mission to tear down this church. So, I went to anybody was part of this church. I will bring up their past and discourage them. And argue with anybody in my way.

Couple years passed and my wife begged me to go to church and I said OK. I walked in the same church. I hurt and it was empty. I pick the chair furthest from the altar and choir started to sing before I knew it, I was at altar on my knee crying feeling convicted saying,

“I am sorry God. I am sorry God.”

I started to see clear and hear like never before as I rose up. I felt his compassion, love and peace. I met God. From that moment I told God I want to get to know you. I went home that very same night, I watch a show about a man called Saul, a Christian slayer and became Paul the apostle and I was amazed. I ask God why would you have a Christian slayer became your head disciple? So I call my friend and ask where is this story in bible. He told me acts 9. This is my very first time reading the Bible god started to reveal to me.

Acts 9:3-5

As he was approaching Damascus on this mission, a light from heaven suddenly shone down around him.

He fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him, “Saul! Saul! Why are you persecuting me?”

“Who are you, lord?” Saul asked. And the voice replied, “I am Jesus, the one you are persecuting!

When Saul met God, he fell to his knees. It is the same way I met God and I fell to my knees.

How was Saul persecuting Jesus? God revealed to me when I would discourage people, hurting them saying ugly things to them. I was persecuting the church. I realized I was Saul. From that point I will never discourage again.

I’ve been reading for the last 4 years I am still on fire to encourage to pray with people. My mission is to lift people up, encourage, help God to restore people’s faith. It’s been amazing.

One day I ask God a question. You changed Saul’s name to Paul. I ask him, what’s my new name? And you can hear him if you just listen.

He said you were blind but today you can see.

You were a Christian slayer but today your Christian encourager.

You were servant of the world but today you are a servant of God.

I thank God for changing my life by his touch. I was renewed. God bless you this is my testimony.


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