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I Never Thought I’d be Writing This

About six months ago I had some dreams about Jesus Christ and the nature of the world. I say “dreams,” but they were not ordinary dreams. Basically, I woke up knowing that the whole Jesus Christ story was true. I walked around in a daze for a couple of weeks, wondering how on earth to tell the people around me what had happened.

I googled what had happened to me and was amazed to find heaps of people who’d experienced similar things (have a look!). Finally, I started talking, and also got in contact with an old friend from high school who I remembered was a Christian. Then I bought a Bible which I couldn’t put down and started going to church.

I’d got that the story was true, but now the details were being filled in. I was (and am) quite critical about the accuracy of what anyone said or preached and did my best to find what I consider the “most accurate” Bible and church. It was quite a dilemma, but in the end, I made a fairly educated choice.

There have been several things which I could say about the last six months.

First: far out. If I’d known Christianity could make me feel like this, I would have done everything I could to be a Christian long ago. I can’t describe it. Sometimes even people who’ve been a Christian all their lives don’t fully get it.

Obviously, it’s the contrast between how I am now and how I was before. I wish I’d understood the jargon. When they say you’ll feel peace, you’ll feel peace. When they say you’ll rejoice, you’ll rejoice. There is no emotion I’ve ever had that comes half-way to what I experience now (and I mean no drugs, no “meditation,” no travel buzz or lover’s high, nothing).

Second, I’ve been fascinated by the Bible. I love literature, but the Bible is something I’d pretty much ignored. Turns out to be the best book I know! The philosophies contained within it are the most advanced I’ve ever read, if presented the most simply; and the verse, if also simple, is beautiful. There are long lists of names and things in some places, but you get over that!

Third, I’m learning to deal with you all! Sometimes, when someone new finds out I’m “a Christian,” they give me the “so you’re naïve” look. My first reaction is to observe: I saw that, but I love this so much I really don’t care what they think! My second is: man, I used to give Christians exactly the same look. I don’t know that all Christians have this; perhaps they don’t, but it’s something I’m learning to deal with.

Last, most of the people around me are remarking on the changes in me and becoming interested in the things that have happened to me. Well, I don’t want anyone to miss out; this is way too good, and I’m glad they’re starting to know it. How can I not advertise it like the best thing there ever was or is or will be, with more success stories than you could ever read, when I know (finally, and for sure) that it’s exactly that!! Whoever you are, it’s worth a try. Trust me!


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