I had just been Entertaining Demons!

This whole year, 2007 & half of last year, my drug use had just escalated. I got to the point where I needed it everyday. I had become a different person; mainly because of coricidins. A box of over-the counter cough pills. It was a full time job.. I have stolen so much money because I was also smoking marijuana & coke. Everything revolved around this..You can only imagine< Im not going into detail. Well around March I had really hit rock bottom and everyone was worried . It was obvious. After I got expelled from school. I ran away, got raped, ran from the police, and ended up in Rehab in April from the 1st -12th.  Well to make a long story short, I did good for awhile, met a guy at an AA meeting, Then started going down the same road again.

This is the interesting part.. Me & my boyfriend fell into the same trap & were barely hanging in there.. I took 13 ccc’s that day & he took 16. Well he grabbed his old “blood” bandana from his house. And we went to his old drug dealing friend’s house. His friends name was Cash & this other guys name was Conner. He rolled up a blunt & we went outside.

Once I had smoked some weed, everything, the trees, and people became really clear. Like better than 20/20. At first it was cool, then it became scary because his friends looked like demons & everything they were saying was evil. Then Cash comes out the door with a gun & I got this clear vision that I was about to die. I told them I think Im about to die, and they should put the gun away. Then everything was obvious they were demons trying to kill Me. I said Chris(my boyfiend) I gotta talk to U. He was like it’s alright.  I looked at Him & he was like totally brainwashed>blind.. So I said Okay Lets get back to normal dont pass me that no more. cuz i was freakin out. & the whole time Cash & his friend were talkin to me.. I was thinkin No if they were humans they wouldnt be talking like that.. I was going crazy. But it was so Real… I dont remember exactly what happened or how I got the clip to the gun but I got it and walked outside where we parked saying I would give it back when were in the car.

Cash & Chris followed Me outside & just stood there. I said Chris get in the car. Cash was like give me the clip, and he tried to grab it. But I was holding on tight. I said let go. Let go. He wouldnt so I said let go in the name of Jesus, and he just froze. Then He turned around & told my boyfriend to get in the car before he beats his ass. & he did.

We got half-way down the road. & Chris couldnt drive. I said get out, Let me drive. So I drove. after not being able to drive for 3 months. & I wasnt even familiar with that part of town, But Jesus was guiding Me.

By the time we got home (didnt get lost at all.) As soon as I stepped out of the car my head was clear like I hadnt been doing drugs at all. Like I was completely renewed. I went in & my Mom said that usually she doesnt look in the paper but that day she happened to see the winning garden of the month or something. & it said 821 Brittany Lane.. & thats my name & my Birthday. I was reborn. I won.