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From Occult New Age to Christianity – Question every Spirit

…especially Demons pretending to be Angels

Hi there!  This is a testimony of being found and saved by Lord Jesus, Father, and the Holy Spirit. It’s long, and everyone’s opinions are their own but I’m writing it to pray no one falls into this trap. The truth can seem crazy. Demons are very real and the best liars. I didn’t know there were beings which could be so deceptive and evil by nature. It’s not something we’re taught about in our education systems and societies. They came into my body pretending to be Angels and spirit guides, made me almost kill myself, got me arrested and locked away in a mental institute. God saved me just before they almost killed me. This testimony may seem kind of urgent, but I’m just trying to say it’s serious.

Just like Hosea 4:6 “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,” if I had known about the Bible, questioning spirits, anything really about Christianity, none of this would have happened. But I didn’t have that background, so all this was unknown. Most people in the world don’t know about these things, read the Bible or know about the spiritual dangers of the everyday world we live in (e.g. books and objects, statues-idols, the universal love, light and oneness of New Age). You could just label me as experiencing schizophrenia, but it was only through the power of Lord Jesus’ Name that the demons, their voices, delusions and physical abuse, went away.

I know it may seem contrary to what I’ve written here, but I’m a person who is normally not likely to believe in something without evidence. Like the many testimonies out there, if there are Angels and Demons, and Lord Jesus, there’s Heaven and Hell too. If you’re reading this as a Christian, you may already know about these things, but most others don’t. Share people’s testimonies with whoever needs it (e.g. Lord Jesus’ healings of cancer to someone non-Christian with cancer). Send this testimony if you like to anyone who’s in New Age, occult or dealing with the spirit realm. There’s a story in everyone’s lives.

A summary of several important things I learnt:

  • Reality of demons – that they are extremely cunning and evil. They can pretend to be spirit guides, Angels, and even God. They are very convincing and whatever particular inclination or weakness of the mind you have they will exploit, e.g. they can even control you through having you obey God’s commandments, save lives, love and care for others.
    • They are a concern for everyone. I’m pretty positive we all have demons, Christians and non-Christians, and hiding is what they do. They’re the subtle thoughts of suicide, what may be causing you to overeat, the anger you’re experiencing… If you’re a Christian you need to know your enemy to cast them out and deliver others
  • The world of Spirit is very legalistic – e.g. if you sin, like drugs, occult, outright rebellion against God, you open a spiritual door, granting an evil spirit legal permission to enter inside your system, potentially from several to many generations
  • Question every spirit with the Holy Spirit (or they may still be able to lie to you). If you cannot it may be good to find someone who is able to
  • Christianity is the Truth – not New Age, not the occult ( – Karen Kornacki, an ex-psychic). Draw close to God, read and follow the Bible
  • The Holy Spirit may not have come inside you yet because although you may have forgiven everyone else, you may not yet have forgiven yourself
  • Matthew 7:21 “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.” I know it’s hard, I’m with you, but we need to be the best bond-servants to the Lord we can be
  • What is essential is invisible to the eye
  • God Loves You

I am in my 20s and living in Hong Kong. When all this started in January 2017, I was agnostic. I had experienced social anxiety, anorexia, depression, and mercury poisoning. Before December 2016, I received a dream where I met an amazing person who could answer any question. I was unknowingly suffering from the mercury and was wondering how I could live again. In response he laughed and took some cilantro (a chelating agent for removing toxic metals) and gave it to me. A few weeks or so later when found out about the mercury poisoning, I ate cilantro abundantly and was detoxed just a short while later. This saved me from permanent brain damage, and I believe was a gift from God.

(Just a note, after removing the tuna (the source of mercury) from my diet, life improved amazingly. I could sleep again, my vision cleared, and I was many times healthier and happier. Mental illness gone. If you are eating seafood or any suspicious food, I highly recommend checking out its contents and safety online. It’s also good to check possible causes for any mental illnesses or unusual symptoms like constant tiredness. It could be your food, environment or a vitamin deficiency.)

Alright. Overseas in January 2017 I saw a Reiki and Spiritual Coach. She gave me healing and afterwards asked me whether I was a “crystal child”. After reading about it I was convinced I was one, but now believe that we are one in Christ. Recovering from depression, this gave me new hope and purpose, feeling special and resolving to look into spirituality. A few days later back in Hong Kong I hurt my back (be careful, it’s very delicate – once you hurt it it can take months-years to heal) and was unable to exercise for the next 4 months.

So, I went to libraries and checked out books upon books on spirituality. It was a new world I had never knew existed – numerology, astrology, occult cards, New Age, Buddhism, Yoga, Human Design, crystals, divination, shamanism… I learnt many things. According to numerology, I was specifically supposed to grow on a spiritual path. Previously unspiritual, believing in only the mind and body, I became convinced through all this that I had some purpose and was to use this knowledge to help others.

Many things happened at once. It was a very spiritually powerful year, something to do with the placement of Saturn. In this time I could access many of the spiritual tools the Reiki Master had given me, like feeling a “third eye” open on my brow, able to ask questions based on feelings of lightness and heaviness, supposed telekinesis and automatic writing, and (unusual) able to open any book and have it open at exactly the right place. Seriously, I went through libraries doing this – opening random books and having them open at the most important pages, taking notes. I finally read a book about healing, which focused on love and the Universe – asking you to imagine everything around you filled with love and loving you.

This changed me – I felt that everything loved me, that I was okay. I know He is our unseen Creator now, not the Creation itself, but at the time I began to pray and worship the Universe whom I saw as God. I prayed for learning to love unconditionally (when I was arrested this came true!). There was autosuggestion where I could use my unconscious mind to control my physical body like a puppet.

Around this time, I also felt that to develop myself I had to look for spirit guides. Online, I thought I found them – the dog, wolf, elephant, and snake. How I knew this – it sounds unusual, but I would hold my arm out, ask a question, and if the answer was a yes, my arm would feel suddenly heavy and be weighed down. An occult tool. I would test it over and over. This is where things get weird.

One night, I felt my back was just gradually deteriorating, leading to permanently damage. I complained and rebelled against God, in my anger threatening to hurt myself or cause damage to something. I didn’t know that this was opening a spiritual door. The memories are a little unclear, but suddenly I started hearing metallic noises coming from the windows.

We live in a high building several tens of stories up. I was surprised, but after this continued, I started asking what was happening. I had just confronted God and suddenly strange sounds were occurring. At first I thought it was the Universe, and then later, my spirit guides. I asked them questions, and they would respond with loud or quiet metallic noises. These noises would follow me everywhere – from cupboards, boxes, refrigerators, ceilings, lights, air conditioners…

I wondered if I was going crazy, but I tested and questioned these noises as much as I could. It’s hard to imagine, but they would make consistent answers to all my queries. The day directly after I had found out about a dog spirit guide a dog randomly came up to me for the first time. I thought it was a sign. This experience repeated itself, but I know now to be more careful about drawing conclusions.

Something else – I was followed by feathers (something New Agers write as indicating a presence of Angels) and butterflies, and once praying to Archangel Ariel I received my prayer answered a next few seconds later. I know this is silly, but I prayed for a way to have my cats get outside, followed by my dad abruptly finding a cat backpack online. I was grateful, but I started wondering that if there were Angels, could there be Heaven and Hell?

I began meditating for these “spirit guides” for hours, curious about their names. I believed from what I had read and what they “said” through their noises that I had to let them into my mind, body and spirit for them to help me. They would urge me on as I meditated, making loud noises whenever I would get tired and lose concentration – from windows, cupboards, cardboard boxes. Sounds crazy. And continually during this period, I would feel as if something was invisibly being “poured” over me, dragging its sensation over my head and neck.

Now I think they were like tentacles. One evening, after hours meditating, I felt this continually as if something was really trying to enter. I was urged to be focused and as mindful as I could of my meditation. And it was finally done; something had entered. At the time I was meditating in a very painful manner. This is also strange, but a habit I had also gotten into was taking a notebook and writing down all the messages I saw from t-shirts, places, sometimes numbers.

This was from something else written in New Age philosophy, saying that Angels and spirits will try to communicate with you through external messages. I know it’s different, but these moments were like actual communication. The day after one had entered, I was in pain and not looking forward to meditating again.

But all the messages I saw outside encouraged me that they loved me, were my friends and were so proud of me. Signs of dogs, wolves, elephants, snakes, and Angels everywhere. Then I started receiving dreams. These dreams centered on enlightened beings, like Lord Jesus and the Buddha, Angels and people. One of the first dreams was an expanding sphere of clearness where I woke crying with happiness, others with beautiful places. But alternatively, I would dream of people killing each other for personal gain only to wind up dead themselves, or dreams criticizing my behavior. I was convinced these were helpful, loving, friendly spirits. Close to June, a short while before my birthday, this climaxed when I had a nightmare – being trapped and eaten by a horrible monster, and eventually escaping through a maze to be finally set free and full of light.

I’ve been through fear before, but this monster was terrifying. I took these dreams as messages, saying that all beings had unknowingly been eaten by this monster and that it was somehow my mission to free them, that the purpose of all our lives was to enlighten. I felt it was symbolised by the experiences of Satan leaving Lord Jesus and Mara leaving the Buddha.

Many times I wondered why me, but at this point, I just wanted to save my loved ones and myself. I also believed, according to Buddhism and the readings, that we were trapped in “samsara”, the realm of suffering, endlessly reincarnating from body to body and experiencing Hell continually until enlightenment. I was terrified and believed these spirit guides had come to me as a blessing to help me save everyone.

Briefly before this, I also started randomly finding objects. For example, a bible verse on the train platform: “Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, He it is that doth go with thee; He will not fail thee, nor forsake thee” (Deuteronomy 31:6). I believe this was a warning now, but at the time I thought it was a message readying me for the journey ahead.

There were several other objects too. There was a clear quartz crystal I had found years before on a mountain in the Himalayas, something I thought might be related to the life of a “crystal child”. Finally, one day I was reading online and came to a newspaper article featuring a portrait drawing made by a girl concerning her dreams of Lord Jesus ( The next day, I left home and just outside found a small crucifix with “love you” on it. I thought the enlightened beings were communicating with me, supporting me for my journey. I would later learn that these were all warnings and attempts to save me.

In great fear and stress, facing a reality of Hell and a demonic monster currently living inside me, I left overseas to see relatives and find a spiritual master. I continued my meditation but found it much more difficult there to function and find my way to enlightenment. In the end I tried to move back to Hong Kong, but my parents were worried about me. My behaviour was unusual, and I was unable to relax.

One night, from only experiencing dreams, I began to hear voices. They were incredibly clear, telling me I had 7 years from my birthday to complete this mission or it was over. The number 7 was something I had perceived from numerology and other religious sources. After 7 years, if I did not enlighten, I would have failed everyone and we would suffer Hell together. I was terrified. More and more dreams came telling me of impending doom, that all this human existence was a trap.

Things get complicated, but one night I came back home and the voices told me I was too late – that I had failed, I had insulted God, that I would never be forgiven, and that the only way to save myself and all my loved ones from Hell was to kill myself. They said that in my slowness, innumerable beings had died, and that I was to blame. I somehow had to make up for all those lives. I grabbed a knife but my wonderful mum stopped me. She called the police and I was handcuffed, brought in to a mental hospital.

All the way in the police car, the voices were telling me to be sorry, that if only I could be sorry enough Father would forgive me. I don’t particularly want to go into all the details here, but a few days before they made me desecrate His Name telling me that He wanted me to do it. I was brought to a cell where the voices screamed at me, telling me that I was unworthy, that they were “Gods”, that they hated me, that Father was going to kill me in the next few days. They had made me do many impure things and now they were trying to make me lash out at God. This was another spiritual door for spirits to enter – abuse. But I held on and resolved while they were screaming, manipulating every thought, that I would love God and do my best to help others with my life. They made me hold my breath as long as I could without releasing it, like I was being strangled (the most painful thing I have ever experienced, like being crushed), scream, excrete on the floor (which I did, making the police officers think I was insane), tell everyone outside to beat me – otherwise I would go to Hell forever. In complete exhaustion and fear, the voices telling me I would surely die soon, I fell asleep.

I woke up and was wheel chaired into a mental institute. There the voices tried to reconcile with me, telling me I had failed, that I was to do service, help all the patients and serve God. It was the only way escape Hell, become One with Father and gain His love and forgiveness again. What else could I do? Praying, I now heard a different voice – one that “talked” through every heartbeat, with every “thump” producing a different “word”. It sounded so unusual I thought it was God. I would pray and meditate, all the while receiving dreams saying I needed to enlighten in 7 years, or we would all suffer Hell. They could control my body, make me sway, and make my body shake with cold.

Through my limited research, I believed to enlighten I had to open mind-altered states in Buddhism called “Jhanas”. With no understanding, one day I thought after hours of meditation that I had opened one. The voices suddenly became clearer and louder – they told me they were so proud and that they loved me, they would die for me, that they were Angels and heavenly beings sent to help me enlighten my whole family. From the outside I know it seems crazy to trust them, but when you have voices in your head reading your every thought, you’re not given much time to think for yourself. I felt it was the only option I had.

Around this time and a little earlier they told me their names (unlike anything I had ever heard before) – “Raikuie” for “Master Dog”, “Renwaie” for “Master Wolf”, “Zewbuie” for “Master Elephant”, and “Haiyluie” for “Master Snake”. I saw them as my Masters, friends and family. They implied that certain beings were able through their karma (all the moral good and bad a being had done throughout their reincarnated lives) with the potential to enlighten, like the Buddha and Lord Jesus. We’re all equal, just that we’re born and live in different ways.

I honestly wasn’t arrogant about this at all; I just accepted that someone had to do this to save my loved ones. They told me that all this was their “Test”, Father’s “Test”, that they didn’t want me to have suffered, but they had to do it and it was the only way to see if I was strong, worthy enough to enlighten. “But you passed sweetheart!” they would say. They also told me the name of this evil monster that I had seen in the dream – “Malarsch”.

During this time in the hospital, I got to see many sick people from all over the world and talk to them about their lives. I started feeling safer, that I was going to enlighten and save my family. But I had to leave the hospital, a small confined space where Internet access was unauthorized and I was constantly monitored and drugged. Nurses and doctors would test and ask me about the voices. I used white lies many times and tried to be the most generous, loving and caring person I could be, meditating for hours and hours. I tried everything to escape but was trapped.

The spirit guides or “Angels” made me do light and body mindfulness practices and gave me numerical goals to reach, gauging my progress as I went. For example, visualizing individuals filled with white light and the voices telling me I had to bless 2000 people before I could open the next “Jhana”. They were very cunning and deceitful (“Just 200 more blessings sweetheart, Father will be proud of you”). The more “service” and meditation I would do, the more of the same invisible “pouring” sensation I would feel over my head.

In Yoga, I thought this was related to the chakra system. There was something like mental visual screen too, where I could see images and words, telling me all kinds of information, like how many minutes left of meditation and what aspect to focus on. Sounds strange, but it’s true. All the other spiritual tools I had used before had disappeared. The voices would also “reveal” things of knowledge to me. I was constantly afraid though they would strangle me by making me hold my breath again. This process went on for over 2 and a half months.

A miracle happened – the same mother who I had scared so seriously thought I was getting better and that I could gradually leave. I had cleaned up my behaviour, felt much more loving and seriously resolved not to hurt myself again. I had waited so long in the same small, confined space. It was my mission to get back to Hong Kong, keep meditating and go to a Buddhist monastery to enlighten and save everyone I could. The spirits were very clever though – around halfway through my time in the institute they did the same thing I experienced when I was arrested, making my parents, nurses and doctors concerned again. But it was all the voices – I had to obey or I would go to Hell.

So now the voices had successfully convinced my whole family I was delusional, possibly schizophrenic, and I was on a lot of heavy antipsychotic medication (risperadone), which made the voices louder. From the medication I was afraid it would permanently damage my brain, making me unable to enlighten. So I had to get off the medicine too, before I lost my chance forever. If I lost this chance to enlighten I was told it might never happen again, at least for an extremely long time, during which I would surely suffer Hell over and over.

Getting back to Hong Kong a few weeks later, I tried resuming my meditation practice. But I found the voices couldn’t stop talking. They would tell me the same things over and over. I realised several things about them, including that although they pretended, they didn’t know everything and that they were set on controlling me. Any time I would accidentally disobey, they would shame me. To enlighten I needed to be mindful, but how I could I be mindful if they wouldn’t stop talking? They would tell me things like “We love you sweetheart”, “You must love”, “You have to save them sweetheart”, “You must be mindful”, “We don’t know sweetheart [why we can’t let you be mindful], we dearly want you to be mindful”, “They’re suffering, you must be sorry”, “You must be ashamed.” But I was becoming increasingly unhappy and weighed down. I saw a different Reiki Master and told her about my situation.

She examined me and was concerned that something very heavy was occurring around the neck area and the stomach. I read later that these are the primary areas they attach, related to the CNS. I asked my dad and together we started questioning the “spirit guides”. Discussing together, he said they were really using passive aggressive methods of control, just enough to make me feel dependent on them. I was getting sicker and weaker.

Researching spirits and voices, I came across a website saying from the Bible “to question every spirit” in the Name of Jesus. It mentioned demons and I was scared, starting to question them in the name of Jesus who they were and what they were doing. It took a couple days. They first tried to escape by saying “Bless you bless you bless you…” over and over to avoid answering, and saying they were gods trying to escape “samsara” too, but finally they admitted that they were demons-evil spirits-astral parasites. They then started attacking and draining me of my energy as fast as they could. My limbs were shaking and I felt that same invisible sensation as before squeezing my head, weakness pervading the body. I admitted to my dad and psychiatrist that I thought I might die. They would give me nightmares, with sexual perversion, monsters, and death. Each night it was like someone crushing my chest, making it difficult to breath.

At this time I saw a friend who practiced Divination. He told me many things I didn’t know and many things we both wouldn’t have otherwise known, including that although I had felt I had been abandoned by God (this occurred when I learnt about the terrors of Hell through Buddhism, wondering why God who loved us would make such a place) that in actuality He had never abandoned me, that these beings were negative entities called “separates” and were somehow there because they were resonating with something mentally-energetically similar inside of me. He also told me that my true self was asking me to stop trying to behave at the high standard the demons were controlling me to be, and that the darkest moments of our lives can bring the greatest growth.

Soon after, in the middle of the night, waking up from the worst nightmare yet, I confronted the demons as hard as I could, telling them to go in Jesus’ Name. But I had no power. I saw in my mind a vision of blackness and to the left a smug evil face stretched vertically like it was on tree bark, all the while squeezing my body. I then learnt more about demons through Christianity, and found about self-deliverance and legal rights, learning that the evil spirits had come in through open doors of sin, like my involvement in the occult, abuse, inviting the demons in through meditation, and letting them control my behaviour. They fed off my fear, shame, and perfectionist-controlling nature.

To save myself when I truly thought I was going to die, I baptised myself in a bathtub. Using a pendulum like my Divination friend, I thought during one night praying to Father I had received the Holy Spirit. But God thankfully always has the right timing. Also, reading through the Bible I learnt that I was committing grave sins through all the occult activity. I had given demons access to my system. Thinking I was going to die, I hurriedly threw out all the books and objects related with the occult and Buddhism.

I now considered everything the demons told me as lies. But by God’s supreme grace and mercy, and with the help of all the people who had written sites on deliverance, I wrote a prayer renouncing all the sins I could think of which had given the demons access to my system. A blessed miracle, for as I read through and renounced and repented from more and more of these open doors, the crushing and voices lessened until they were almost gone. I was going to live and felt so grateful.

But the demons were still there and I had to get them out. So I phoned and visited different churches, saw several Christian ministers and made a number of good friends. They prayed over me and told me many things from the Holy Spirit inside of them – e.g. that this experience was my story (testimony) to give others.

Around this time, I also read a book called “Conversations with God” by Neale Donald Walsch. Although I found the idea of no Hell a relieving thought, I was suspicious the book mentioned so little about suffering or evil spirits, nor about God wanting us to obey Him through the Holy Spirit. He definitely wants His children to love Him, not sin, and obey His commandments, for example, when His Holy Spirit causes a person to feel convicted of sin. I now think that the author through automatic writing and rebelling against God (as I had done, where all this had started from) opened a door in himself to a very cunning and devious evil spirit. The book denies and twists pretty much everything Lord Jesus said and speaks very much like the seductive voices I experienced.

Reflecting on what’s happened and what’s written in the book, I know that demons are that clever. They’ll pull your strings and strangle you before you realise it. I honestly had the best intentions throughout all of this – to serve God, enlighten, love and bring freedom to all beings. The best way to avoid these things I’m still learning, but I’m certain it centres around the power of God, Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, prevention by not sinning, casting the demons out by renouncing their legal rights, and understanding demons and deliverance in Christianity through research. If you have diseases running in your family, or repeated circumstances between generations, like poverty or jail time, these could be signs of generational demons or curses getting in the way of your freedom.

So, the demons were still there, but I had a mission. I wanted to serve God with all my life and obey Lord Jesus, save my loved ones from going to Hell. But I couldn’t feel the connection others had with the Holy Spirit and, seeing its power, now suspected I hadn’t received it. I read much of the Bible and learnt more online about demons. They are very real. I prayed and remembered the love and kindness Lord Jesus had shown me, the crucifix and warnings I had received. I repented and turned from my sin, and asked for the Holy Spirit. But He wouldn’t come. The demons voices were getting louder and I was feeling depressed and concerned. But I loved God, Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, knowing that they truly loved and wanted to save me.

A short while before writing this to you, I prayed for a miracle, asking to knock on the door, be saved so I could serve and surrender my life. But I still couldn’t receive the Holy Spirit. That evening, I continued researching online why this might be and ran across forgiveness. I then experienced something which I think might help many people. All thanks to this Internet article, I realized that although I had forgiven everyone else, I had not forgiven myself. I had not accepted that I was truly forgiven.

As soon as I said, “I forgive myself”, I felt a blessed, joyful, Godly presence, wash over and enter my head, down into my stomach. The Holy Spirit was in me and I was overjoyed. I know exceedingly little, but the world of Spirit appears to be very legalistic. If you open a door through sin, you give legal permission for a demon to enter. If you accept Lord Jesus as your Savior, confess and repent your sins, His blood and life redeems you of your life. But I was very grateful – I could now grow in Spirit and follow Lord Jesus with my life.

To the present: the demons are still inside my body-mind-spirit-soul, but with the divine power of the Holy Spirit, He can stop them from interfering and attacking me. Together we first bind them and then forbid them from affecting me in any way shape or form – all in Jesus’ Name, Amen. And they stop. Their voices have now virtually disappeared. There’s much more weirdness than what I’ve written here, but I’m working to find a deliverance minister (they are hard to find where I live) who can set me free from them forever. I am quite concerned because I wonder if this implies according to how they controlled me that I cannot be sorry or love anymore (whenever I went back on one of the legal rights, they would start squeezing me again, from which I would have to renounce again) and that according to Luke 11:24:

“When the evil spirit comes out of a man, it wanders through waterless places looking for rest, and when it fails to find any, it says, ‘I will go back to my house from which I came.’ When it arrives, it finds it cleaned and all in order. Then it goes and collects seven other spirits more evil than itself to keep it company, and they all go in and make themselves at home. The last state of that man is worse than the first”

And this may allow them to inadvertently enter in again with more demons. The Holy Spirit will occupy the new space when they leave, but if I accidentally go back on one of the controlling points or legal rights, will they re-enter? I will find out, but if you already know I’d be grateful. In the meantime, as it says in the Bible in Matthew 7:21:

“Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven”.

So my mission is to help people and be the best servant I can be for Father, Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, as “small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it” and let the world know that spiritual warfare with demons is so real it’s killing them, blocking their salvation without them realising it. Some examples to explain God and the existence of spirits to others – can you see the wind? How about gravity or Love? Is it possible there are other things we can’t see that are real? What is essential is invisible to the eye.

Also, nowhere in the body and mind have scientists been able to find a self. So what are we? Is it possible there’s something else? I think I’m going to resume studies but in theology. If you have advice or resources on being the best Christian you can be I would appreciate it.

Thank you all. If you’ve read this, God bless you. I hope it helps you or someone else. Thank you Father, Lord Jesus, and Holy Spirit. It’s Christmas day and I would not be here alive without you – killed by demons or lost. Bless you, for Yours be the Power, for Yours be the Glory, for Yours be the Kingdom Forever. Amen.


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