Discovery, Dabbling, and Addiction

I just recently turned 16. I had been dabbling in pornography for about 4 months. I had been compuslivley masturbating for about 2. I finally woke up to exactly how wrong what I was doing really was. I began undressing my sisters in Christ with my eyes. Everywhere I went, fantasies were popping into my mind. I tried to stop, but I couldn’t. I never told anyone because I thought no one else dealt with this kind of thing. I thought that if I revealed what I was dealing with, everyone would judge and scorn me. I am a leader among my peers in my Youth group. I didn’t want them to see me going through this. I cried out to God but it seemed like my sin created a shadow between me and Him. I went with my youth group to Youth Explosion at Christian Retreat in Bradenton, Florida. In service on the night before the last night of camp, Corey Russel spoke, and at the end, he had an altar call to cry out to God for freedom from our hidden sins. While there, God moved mightily in me, removing the scars that my sins had made on my heart and completely freeing me from both of my hidden addictions. Now, I’m on fire for Him like never before. I’ve been given a vision of what’s going to happen if we don’t turn our generation around, and now I cry out daily for revival. If you find yourself dealing with the same things I did, tell someone. Pull your Youth Pastor aside and ask him to pray with you. If you don’t have a youth group, GET ONE! It is one of the greatest ways to keep on the right path.