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Demons Attacked Me

I have always believed in demons existing and have seen them off an on through out my life but they have never attacked me. But what I’m about to tell you challenged my faith and my sanity. I was in a point of my life where a lot of my friends were turning to drugs and no they were not that way when I met them. I had gotten involved with them too sadly, but gotten out of them by help from an angel. But that’s another story.

The point I was trying to make was I was not in a very good crowd of people and was trying to get them out of my life because they were bad influences on me. I had recently broken up with my boyfriend who wouldn’t stop drinking and doing drugs. He as well suffered from schizophrenia and was scaring me more and more with what he was seeing. I had still remained friends with him at this point but kept him at arm’s length. I had recently moved back to my parent’s house and was apprehensive about moving back there because I knew there were something bad there, at the time I called entities or spirits.

No one in my family ever listened to me even though I had been seeing them since I was a child. I even went as far to gain the courage to tell my mother how scared I was to move back home. She has never seen anything be it angel or demon and really never believed me. The first night I moved back I was woken up by a scary looking demonic face grinning at me from the foot of my bed. I screamed and turned on the lights and it left I prayed that night for it not to return. I kept the lights on for weeks after that.

I tried telling my mom again and she wrote it off as either a dream or hallucination or something. I was still scared out of my mind and wasn’t sleeping well. I would hear odd sounds like scratching in the walls, but this was no rat, creepy demonic laughter and other odd sounds, as well as glinting dark shadows. I kept trying to tell my family about what was going on with little to no response. I begin praying for my safety because frankly I was downright scared.

No one seemed to really believe me except one of my friends. We’d talk late into the evening on the phone about what was going on in my house. He suggested that these sprits might actually be demons. This went on for about 3 months off and on.

I had been praying every night at this point even tried to put blesses olive oil on the doors. I tried blessing my house in the name of Jesus, but these things wouldn’t go away. It was really starting to discourage me at that point because prior to this my praying had always worked. My friend had come over to my house because we were going to go see the musical Phantom together, when he got into my room he even said

“Something doesn’t feel right in here.”

I said, “See no one believes me.”

We went to the musical and got back to my house kind of late. We were talking about the musical and how much fun we had, and he was showing me some videos online with clips from other musicals when I started to feel weird. Now when I say weird it’s hard to explain so I’ll try my best. I was week, somewhat disoriented and kind of sick to my stomach. I remember having to go to the bathroom and he was worried about me because I guess I wasn’t looking so well. As well as he wondered if whatever evil presence was in the house was causing my strange symptoms. I remember going to the bathroom feeling even weirder flushing the toilet walking out in the living room and feeling really dizzy and odd.

My friend asked me what was wrong, and I said I really didn’t know. He asked me to explain what I was feeling and then I felt like I was passing out. The next part of this is the scariest event in my whole life. This is all true and I seriously still don’t know what to make of it. I remember feeling weird and starting to pass out and my hearing going. I remember I felt like my breath was being taken away and my heart felt like it was being crushed.

I was so confused; it didn’t hit me to what was happening till I came too while being lifted 3 feet off the ground. I saw my frantic friend yelling and trying to grab at me. I suddenly realized I was being demonically attacked. My friend had managed to get me down and put my on the couch. I remember not being able to move or speak and I was trying to scream out for help. I remember spiritually trying to protect myself and crying out to God for help. All I could see was my friend above me, I couldn’t hear what he was saying but I remember he was holding me down as my body was thrashing, but I couldn’t physically move. I was so scared, and I felt like I was dying.

I remember I suddenly could hear him reciting the lord’s prayer and praying. He had his hand over my heart and was praying over me. I could see the fear in his eyes and that’s when I knew this was very serious. I began praying with him and reciting the lord prayer. The minute we said Amen together the demons let go of me and left. I sat straight up and screaming what happen what happen. He told me that he thought I had been attacked. He actually said he thought I was dead, as I wasn’t breathing. I have never been so scared in my life.

We left my house that night and didn’t say anything to my parents. As they never believed me any way. As I was driving to go get something to eat because I was very week and hungry. My friend noticed scratch marks on my arms. He pulled my shirt to the side and there were bruises on my arms as well as my chest. I was so scared because now there was physical proof as well this had actually happened. My whole body couldn’t stop shaking from the fear. And I still to this day have arm spasms. On my right side as that’s the side they attacked the worst.

I told my parents what happen the next day, but they still didn’t believe me. It wasn’t until my friend was there by my side and I showed them the marks that they begin to realize I was telling the truth. I was so disturbed by the whole ordeal I dropped out of school because I couldn’t focus on anything. I didn’t understand why this happened to me and I was scared out of my mind it would happen again. I grew up in a family where these things just don’t happen to Christians.

I was always told demons can’t attack a Christian and now I was having to question my upbringing and my faith because that was clearly wrong. I had always had strong faith and I read the bible quite frequently. There was nothing I was scared of until this happen. I got little to no comfort from my parents. I was so scared I took to sleeping on the couch away from the bathroom and the bedroom. Which were to too rooms causing with the most demonic activity.

I was so scared I begged my family to get a priest out there and bless the house because my consistent praying wasn’t enough. My parents eventually took me to a pastor to try and get some help. I told him everything and still no answers. Even he was stumped as to why this happened to me and couldn’t even offer any advice on what to do. He seemed to think I caused it at one point, and I assured him I did not. He asked if I was in evolved in witchcraft and I said heaves no.

I still to this day don’t know why this happened to me. I’m scared it will happen again and I often have trouble sleeping at night. I always wear a cross around my neck and pray for protection. But even when banishing the demons in the name of Jesus doesn’t what do you do? I have more questions than answers and more fear than ever. I have asked God why this happened to me with no response.

My faith then was wavering badly because of this incident. These days I try not to think about it but there is always an underlying fear of what happened. I’m not telling this to scare anyone. They did leave when we recited the Lord’s prayer, but I’m still scared at why I was attacked in the first place. I’m grateful it happened when my friend was there. I think I might have died if he hadn’t been there to help me. I have since moved away from my parents’ house and put myself back in school, but I’m still very scared and confused.


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