Sad Man

I Asked and I Received

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My name is Joseph. It was sometime in June 2011. it was on a Friday early morning around five or six am while we were all sleeping my wife next to me had awaken me saying there’s someone pounding on the door. So, I got up and went to see who it was. They who were pounding and yelling for me to open the door and when I looked and saw that it was the feds. So, I opened the door they rushed in and threw me to the floor with guns to my head.

My heart fell to my feet I was scared but not knowing what I had done or what was going on my children who were only the ages of 7, 8 and 9 were sleeping in the front room that night had awaken from all the noise but in fear they faked that they were still sleeping. They were terrified.

So, I asked them what is going on what have I done, why are you here? They said to me what name are you going to give us?

I said what.

They said we are taking you to court. I said can I get dressed please; I have no clothes on. All I had was a pair of boxers on, so they let my wife put my clothes on but they would not take the cuffs off me so I can put my hands through my shirt. Next thing I told my wife don’t worry I’ll be ok call your mom and dad tell them what’s happened and tell them to pick you guys up and go there to them and stay there. She was crying really bad.

So they took me to court. There in the cell while I was waiting to see the judge I saw my cousin and his wife who also got arrested that morning. They did the same thing to them. Then a few minutes later there were more people who came that I know. I said what is going on here why are we here. They said we did some fraud things long ago in the past and now we are here. But why are you here they asked.

I said I don’t know. So we all just sat tight and waited to see some public defenders before the judge called us in and so it was my turn to see a public defender and he told me why I was there. He said don’t worry too much you got caught in the mix somehow with these guys. They are much worse than you. I said what I done then. he said you have a false identification and you did a ssn miss use. I said is that they treated me like I killed someone. Then he asked me how did I get the fake alias name.

I told him the truth. My mom passed away and way before she did, she got me that name because she had a bad boyfriend when I was just a baby and she told me when I was 16 keep this name. If anything happens if he ever finds us, I had never met the guy. Maybe I did but I was just a baby that time. So I was basically using both names but had never committed any crimes on any of them both my real name or my alias name, but just got some auto loans to get a car on the alias name with a ssn that I had made up.

So then he told me ok thanks for telling me that I’ll do my best for you. We were all in chains and shackled. So I went back in to the call were my cousin and friends were, I told them what happened, they says to me don’t worry you’ll get out of here you are not that big of a thing it’s a misdemeanor. I was still afraid not knowing what the judge was gonna do. So about three hours latter it was time see the judge so some of the feds there said to me hope for the yellow paper, what is that I asked, they said it’s a prerelease bond. I said to myself I pray that il get one.

So now I’m in court I don’t really remember to much what had happened I try not to remember but all I can remember was I was not approved for the bond release I had to go to the federal prison correction facility there I stood there for five days before the judge can see me again they said because I got arrested on a Friday they can’t do anything un till Monday so I had to go to federal prison. I’m not gonna even say what it was like in there but only that the minutes was like hours and the hours were like days so I haven’t talked to my wife for three days now. I finally got the chance to call her. I burst out in tears crying didn’t know if I was ever going to get out of there they all told me don’t worry were all here praying for you and were trying to get you a lawyer. I said I love you tell the kids I love them and them to pray for me because God listens to such.

So a few days go by it was time to go to court again. I believe it was Wednesday. I went to court hoping and praying this time I’ll get the yellow paper the pre release bond. And I did they had released me with an ankle bracelet but could not do it right away for some odd reason saying that it takes a couple of days do it so I had to go back to the prison for another two days and was released on Friday and then they took me to go put the ankle bracelet on with a curfew from 10am to 10 pm. I was so happy to be back with my family only I wasn’t in my house we left our home and stayed with my in-laws until all this was over and you know how that could be living with the in-laws. Don’t get me wrong they help me a lot but there were also bad times but I was just so happy I prayed and cried like I never did before.

So, I stayed with my in-laws for about seven months until it was time to go to trial sentencing now I am worrying even more and the public defender told me that the prosecutors recommendation is 10 to 12 months in custody. And the probations was six months in custody and six months in the halfway house and his recommendation was no jail time but probation I said leave me on probation all my life give me house arrest all my life I don’t want to go back there. And then the night before I was going to trial me and my wife was invited to a friend’s house for a prayer meeting for me.

We prayed for about an hour and then went home not worrying anymore just having faith that ill be alright and in the morning on October 18th at nine am I was in court for sentencing I prayed again so that Jesus would go before me in that court room and be my judge and my lawyer, the prosecutor made me look like I was two cents in front of the judge I said to myself tell me now. But then I remembered the prayer meeting we had the other night and I said to myself I will not be afraid.

These are just words.

“You can do all things lord I prayed that you well go before me in this court room so I’m gonna have faith and trust in you Lord,” I said.

My wife and daughter and brother in-law were with me in court and they two kept their faith more friends wanted to be there but I did not wanted anybody there thinking negative. So I kept my faith and the judge told the prosecutor if I was not for the other people that he got mixed up with would he have been federal? She said no your honor he would have been in a state court and it would have been a misdemeanor. I knew right there it was god working, so then the judge turned to me and asks me is that your daughter?

I said yes.

He said Paris can you come a little closer?

So my little girl got up walked up and the judge said to her I am sorry that happened to your dad but I have to tell you that the government make mistakes there not always rite they give a lot of money on bringing people to court and they make mistakes so Joseph how long did you stay in prison, for four days. I says no it was seven. I got arrested on a Friday and was released on a Friday than he said to me I am not going to give you any jail time I will give you time served plus three years probation. It was the happiest moment in my life when they took the bracelet off my foot and I went home.

A few months went by. I had no home I was still with the in-laws and needed a home of are won but had no job I wasn’t aloud to make any money under the table and no one will hire me because I have a felony now on my name so things got a little bad after awhile me and my father in-law got in to it I guess we had been there a little too long and needed to go you know how that can be.

So, we left we stood in a motel for three days and then we had prayed and god answers again he gave us a home that we had saw on craigslist for rent though I still don’t have a job my but somehow God provides all glory be to god the most high who is above all things now we are in need of a car to get around a go to church. So I pray and I could use your prayers to thank you. Praise God what he done for me he helped me when I needed him the most.

God does do things for us if we just ask him and when we do ask him we must believe that we well receive it and it will be done. He said it himself ask anything using my name and it will be done. Jesus is too great and I wouldn’t trade him for anything. There is nothing that can compare to him. So there is my testimony. I hope you enjoyed it I know it was long to read and I’m sorry for that but I just had to share it thanks for reading it and god bless you forever and ever …


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