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From that Day Forward, OCD Never Had the Same Power

Before I met Jesus, I was…hopeless really. I was drowning in anxiety from to the point where I couldn’t function. I had a serious case of obsessive-compulsive disorder that took over my life. I had spent my teenage years held captive by it and at age 20 I was frustrated not knowing where to turn.

I had been raised Catholic and had some level of belief in God, but I also doubted, I doubted that God could be known, and I certainly didn’t know Him and yet in my disorder I still worried of doing the wrong thing somehow. Feeling overwhelmed, in desperation I searched the Internet for some kind of help or answers to what I was going through. This led me to a website that touched upon exactly what I was going through with my anxiety and OCD from a Christian perspective. I remember near the top it said this could change your life.

I cynically doubted that could be since I’d heard that many times before but then I kept reading and it did in fact change my life. I read about how it was not God’s will that I should live in such anxiety and something in me believed that. I kept reading and learned more and more about Jesus and His great love for me and became a Christian. God saved me and used that website, and my pain from OCD to reach me. And from that day forward my OCD and anxiety has never had the same power.

I still struggle with it, but I have hope and confidence in God that it is well with my soul. I am in an immensely better place than I was almost 15 years ago now. I thank God for what He’s brought me through, how He saved me, for His kindness. It was the kindness of God in my anxiety-ridden and rebellious state that led me to repentance from my sins to the realization that I am in need of a Savior and to turning towards Jesus.

I pray that you meet Him as well and accept His good gift of salvation recognizing that He died for you and with you on His mind because He loves YOU. So much. And I pray that your life is changed too just as mine was.

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