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Delivered from Demonic Oppression

Dear people, I have been reading the posts here, as I am searching for information for my bipolar friend. I just want to tell you that I was set free from probably so-called schizophrenia (if I went to a psychiatrist they would say so, I guess). It was something horrible which started when I came back to my Lord Jesus after 15 years of very sinful life. I was filled with Holy Spirit after a prayer and shortly after that, my problems started with my mind.

I started hearing voices in my head telling me to kill myself, screaming at me to stop praying, mocking my God etc, I started getting heavy depression, paralyzing fear, confusion of the mind, running thoughts, my brain was like it was squeezed by metal belt, I was also being hit with various pains in my body. I was terrified and did not know how to stop it. The more I prayed the more I was attacked.

I found help nowhere. After many months of this battle, I gave up on God, stopped praying and reading my Bible. Immediately all my troubles stopped, and I came back to my sinful life. I did not go to a doctor because I knew it was spiritual battle and nothing else. Listen to me all the people there!

After 8 months of living in my previous peace I was virtually dragged to the church by Holy Spirit and there, I was dramatically warned by Him to come back to God. My battle lasted two years, during which I was taught by Holy Spirit how to fight the devil and those attacks on my mind. One night, I was on my knees crying to God to help me and He came, He delivered me from depression, oppression of my mind and all those mental problems! I was delivered from evil spirits who were causing it! It was real deliverance done by Lord Jesus alone, as no Christians knew how to do deliverance! I have been set free by my Lord, Jesus Christ, it was miracle!

All my problems were caused by sins, even if I repented, demons had power over me which was brought on myself by involvement in new age, reiki, hypnosis, tarot cards etc, all things that are forbidden by God! Hear me people, God is real, Satan is real, and every word in the Bible is truth! I don’t believe any mental illness is caused by whatever, we are all lost without Jesus. I am not a maniac, deluded or whatever you can call me. God gave me back sound mind because I repented and was seeking Him with all of my heart.

Read the Bible, read the Old Testament as well, you need to know God very well and what He wants from you. He wants you to love Him and He wants your heart. My God is powerful and just, and He is Holy. He said – cursed is the man who trusts in the flesh. Yes, there are generational curses, sins of the fathers etc. It is not easy and just fun to be a Christian. If you treat God seriously and honestly, He will deliver you from all your troubles.

Yes, you have to prove that you are honest, maybe you need to cry rivers of tears at His feet like I did, but if you draw to Him, He will draw to you and show you His might and glory. This story is very long but I cannot write all details here for lack of space but hope somebody will read it and get some hope. Repent from all your sins, ask God to give you wisdom to teach you and be humble. He is your God and He said – God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble… Proverbs 3.

Jesus Christ can heal you from panic attacks, from depression, mental illnesses and everything if you show Him that you really need Him. Repent from all your sins and stop deceiving yourself. It’s not about going to church on Sunday and singing songs, it’s about studying scriptures, praising, worshipping, talking to Him, crying to Him, treating Him like your only reliable source of love, life and help. Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and He is the Healer and Deliverer, He proved it to me so many times.

This is my testimony for Jesus and whoever does not believe in Him is deceived because He paid with His blood to rescue us from the hands of the devil, to destroy the works of the devil and to save us from hell. This is real people, this is not a game, this is massive battle for your souls. Whoever needs deliverance go to They do it online. I love you people and oh how much I would like to help you, if you only believe what I am saying you will be delivered.

Ps. I wrote it very quickly but it if needed I will rewrite it as more polished.


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