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Crack was a Test that God Brought me through

First, I would like to give all the thanks and honor to God who is the author of my life and salvation. When the earthly doctors told me in rehab that they could not do anything for me, I left rehab for the last time and went back into my crack and drug addiction.

After another couple of weeks smoking crack, snorting cocaine and smoking weed and drinking to keep me awake. I found myself one wonderful morning in my guest bathroom of my apartment in tears face, lips and hands burned by the crack pipe.

I looked in the mirror and watched as the old man in me died. Glory be to God! He asked me if I was tired of playing with Satan’s trick and games. My soul cried out

“Yes Father.”

I turned from my wicked ways and thoughts and gave my life back to God! I asked Him to use me in ways and places that He willed. That was 1 year 3 months and 26 days ago.

Not only did He change my drug habits, but He changed my whole life. I moved out of Columbus, Ohio where I was living in a homosexual relationship and went to Scranton Pa for a spiritual renewal. God took me to my God brother and God mother who gave me the needed encouragement that would be key in my New Life.

I currently live in Charlotte NC and have a new Job at a hospital where I am able to see and speak life into dead situations. I am a chef, so I am being used in the Healing Ministry to feed people back to good Health. I thank God for taking me out of my homosexual choices and ideas and thoughts. I have sent that mountain of homosexuality into the sea. I believe and have canceled out doubt and fear in my life, I am Healed!

I do know that there are people out there in the world that need to see and talk with a miracle! There is healing and help when you open up your heart and mouth and speak words of life to people. So, I am here. I am willing to sell out for the Good of God and expose myself so that some one out in the world can be blessed and know that it can and will happened for them their family and friends. I can be reached on yahoo, changedman1978 (IM). This is me a man saved, changed and healed by God’s Grace and Mercy!


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