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Demon Possession

This is a brief testimony of deliverance from a Christian who was present when a demon spirit unexpectedly manifested in someone in a group of friends. The story has been thoroughly checked out by the editors of Testimony Share. The writer wishes to remain anonymous.

The three of us, all in our late teens, were relaxing informally one evening in my bedroom. We regularly talked about God and the Bible since we were all Christian believers. In fact, recently, one of us–I’ll call him JP–had experienced a transformation in his life and had become an outspoken and dedicated Christian. He’d had a bit of a difficult life and regularly used drugs up until the time of his decision for Christ. We decided to pray together.

Soon after we began praying, I noticed that something was wrong with JP. I looked up and saw John gritting his teeth with a violent look on his face. I felt paralyzed and just stared at JP, not sure of what was going on. The other friend in the room realized that a demon had seized control of JP. He shouted loudly “Come out in the name of Jesus.”

JP just sat there and uttered in a raspy voice, “You’re all going to die.”

JP looked up and screamed, then assumed his normal countenance and voice. At this point, I was terrified and trembling. We determined that JP was okay and realized what had happened. I’m not sure that he remembered what had take place, but JP described feeling a cold sensation when all this was going on. We are all so thankful that the demon was subject to the name and power of Jesus Christ!


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