Psalm 34:7 The Angel Of The Lord Encamps Around Those Who Fear Him, And He Delivers Them

I always claim the blood of Christ upon my children and proclaim this verse over them. Today I saw the angel of the Lord in action for my four-year-old son. He was sleeping in a bus with us, and in a hurry to get off, My sister and I picked him up and deposited him on the kerb as we got off the bus.

I turned to tend to my elder son who had also sleepily got off the bus. I heard the bus start and as I turned, I saw the rear corner of the bus JUST miss my little boy by not even an inch. I was not aware of what happened but saw with my own eyes my sister just yank him out of the way. Later she told me she saw him lose his balance and just fall backward onto the edge of the road.

Praise the Lord, in JESUS name. What else can I say. He is so faithful to His word and His followers. We both had to sit down a while we were so shaken but immediately, I knew this is the hand of the Lord. thank you, Lord, Father God. thank you. amen

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