Girl Rejoicing

Completely Healed of Genital Herpes by the Blood of Jesus Christ

Hello All!

I wanted this blog to be the first place I shared my testimony because this was the first place where I found hope on my journey. Jesus Christ has done amazing things in my life, and I hope that my testimony will help someone that may be in a situation that I was once in.

About a year ago I had been delivered out of a 2 year long relationship that was completely unhealthy. The man I was involved with did a lot of lying and a lot of cheating, and for some reason I just couldn’t seem to get myself out of it. Well God took it upon himself to bring me out of that terrible relationship and I am forever grateful for that.

After the breakup, I was completely empty and was on the hunt to find things that would fill my void. At first, I just did a lot of partying and drinking, then one day I caught up with an old friend. We hung out a few times, and I then found myself on a slippery slope straight to the bedroom with him. Things happened really quickly, but I didn’t feel that bad about it. In my mind, I was just having a good time. The guy was really nice and fun to be around, I wasn’t looking for anything serious, I was protecting myself with condoms and birth control, so I thought everything was okay!

I can count the number of times me and this guy had sex (2 times) before my world completely flipped upside down. After the second time we had sex, I can remember the holy spirit tugging on my heart telling me that I am worth more than what I am accepting. I entertained the thought of putting an end to my rebellious actions, but I didn’t have any intent on truly changing.

Well about a week went by after my second sexual encounter with my friend and I noticed something weird happening to my body. I was experiencing some itching ‘down there’ and a little bit of burning as well. At first, I just ignored it thinking that I could just be a common yeast infection, but then it started getting worse. I soon realized it was something worse than a yeast infection, but I kept cool because I had been down the road of an STD before. Unfortunately, my ex-boyfriend had given me chlamydia a few years back and I got over it with some antibiotics, so I just knew whatever this was could be fixed pretty easily.

I started researching my symptoms to see what could possibly be wrong with me. This whole time I was a little confused because I know that I had used a condom every time I had any sexual contact with this guy, but as we all learn in sex education, condoms are not always 100% effective…. Long story short, after doing my research I realized that I was experiencing my first genital herpes outbreak.

And this is where my journey begins….

When I first self-diagnosed myself with this “incurable disease” I was consumed with denial. I was thinking there is no way I could have this disease. I had only had 4 sexual partners in my entire life, I was never super promiscuous, I’ve known girls that sleep around all the time and never get burned… this can’t be happening to me.

The symptoms of my first outbreak went away after a few days, just as the internet said they would… but returned again after a few weeks.

The next phase I went through was depression. At this point, all I did was sleep and cry. I felt like my life was over. I knew I could never get married, I felt dirty, and worthless. I was depressed for about two months. I fought thoughts of suicide, and it was a hassle to even carry out my daily tasks.

Then one day I decided to pray, and the words God put on my heart were “Go and sin no more”…. he reminded me of the story in the bible where he saved the lady that was about to be stoned. That story then reminded me of all the stories in the bible where Jesus healed the sick.

So I started to wonder if God still heals today, which led me to this wonderful website. I typed in “Does God Heal Genital Herpes?”… I read a person’s testimony on here that said that they were healed of this disease that the world deems incurable, and tears rolled down my face. That person’s testimony sparked a hope in me that led me to where I am today.

After I read her testimony, I started researching how to receive divine healing. Throughout this time, the devil was playing with my mind. Questions and thoughts like “God healed others, but he probably won’t heal me” “Is it really his will to heal?” “God is punishing me for my actions, now I have to live with them” …. the devil even led me to look up celebrities that are living with genital herpes so that I wouldn’t ‘feel alone’… crazy right.

Well, I won’t go into extreme detail because I don’t want this post to be super long, BUT I am writing to tell you today, that after a year of battling the devil through the power that Christ Jesus has given us and increasing my faith by continuously reading the promises God has given us in his word, I have been COMPLETLY healed of genital herpes.

Last week the Lord told me that it was time to put an end to this battle and give him all the glory, so I went and got tested for every STD in the book and every single test came back NEGATIVE. I am healed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

I now live every day for him, giving him thanks for everything he has done for me. I am waiting until I am married to have sex again.

I want to post my testimony to help someone out there suffering from this disease. I want you to know that IT IS GOD’S WILL TO HEAL YOU. He wants to heal you and he will if you turn from unrighteousness, seek his face, and ask. Your life is not over, and God is not punishing you for your actions. You can start over if you completely give it over to God. Jesus came for this purpose; all you have to do is believe! There is nothing to hard for God. Stand on his words and the things he has promised us.


I pray that my testimony helps someone out there that may be in a similar situation. There is no such thing as an incurable disease when it comes to Jesus. If you have any questions, or would like to share your story, please feel free to comment under my post! I know it will be a blessing to someone.

I want you to know that I love you, and more importantly God loves you!

Be Blessed!