Person by Sea - Healing

Complete Healing from HSV 1 and 2, Please Pray!

I was involved with a man I did not intend on being intimate with but I did because I thought it would be fun with him.  My life was very boring at the time. I had no boyfriend, no close friends, I was not close to God at the time, the only thing I had was this attractive older man who wanted to sleep with me. I finally agreed and I was stressed out the whole time as I have struggled with fear of STDs all my life. A few days later I started have symptoms for an Incurable STD.

However! I truly believe that God can heal me. I believe in supernatural healing in the power of The Almighty. He is my savior and my refuge and I seek Him in my time of trial. My prayer is that he will give me peace and that I will look to Him for all things and be submersed in His favor and healed completely so that I can be back on track to serve and love Him and His people.

I believe and declare that I will soon be a praise report on this website. Thank you Jesus! Amen!

I will be taking a blood test with in a few weeks and then will post a PRAISE REPORT on this web site I am SOOOOO excited for the faith God has given me for this health issue. I am praying for all of you out there with HSV 1 and 2. God can heal you too!

I am taking a step a faith by signing up for a praise testimony website to share for God and all the world to see that I have faith to move this mountain from my life.