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I was adopted at 2 years old. Both my biological parents passed away from drug overdose. My dad died in 2011 and my mom died in 2016. I don’t remember them at all. I was adopted into a Christian family. My adoptive parents are pastors. So I grew up in church. I have 3 blood sisters and a twin brother. When we were adopted they already had 5 kids, so altogether there were ten of us.

Life was hard. I never felt like I belonged. I was a super awkward kid. I was sheltered a lot. I was also homeschooled till high school. I watched all three of my blood sisters run away growing up.

2015 is the year I became depressed and suicidal. My 3 year old niece was molested by my brother. I was in the room on the top bunk (we had bunk beds) he was on the bottom bunk and molested her. The next day I was so depressed and anxious I went out in the woods and put a rope in the trees and was gonna hang myself, but talked myself out of it.

After that, I hid my depression. I was afraid of being judged since my dad was a pastor. 2017 I started acting out. So they sent me to a military school. While I was there I tried to hang myself. I was sent to the hospital and eventually back home.

My mom is verbally abusive. She told me one night ‘I hate you’ and ‘Next time you try to kill yourself, do a better job of it’ after that I stole from her and my dad. They found out and called the cops. I was arrested and spent a month in jail. This happened when I was 17. When I got out of jail, they put me back in foster care.

Through all that, God has changed me. I’m not the same person I was. Through God’s mercy and grace I’m changed.


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