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Ride Carefully

This is my first time doing this… Where to start?

I know the Lord loves me very much! And I wish I loved him more before in my life, as I think my life would not have turned out today as it is if I loved and Honored Him more! But none the less the Lord is utterly good for me every day! He led me to where I am today and gave me everything I have! I am very privileged to have what I do today! And it is all thanks to the Lord and my wonderful parents, which He gave to me!

When I was still in the womb, and born… The doctors could not believe that I survived! The nail string was apparently so thin and small that a single bump in the road, with a car would have shred or tor it off and I would not have been! How wonderful is that! How God protected me, even before I was born! And there my journey started!

When I was around 6 years old, my voice became very scratchy, and my parents got worried… Eventually they took me to specialists, which determined that I had spots on my vocal cords, cancer spots! The doctors said they have to operate immediately, it had to be removed! They said if my parents waited any longer the cancer would have spread! They also said I might be living with a scratchy voice and would not be able to sing ever…

But that was not Gods plan for me! I have a perfectly normal voice, and I have performed on stage, singing gospel songs! I have a very good singing voice! God again showed mercy and grace towards me!

Then when I was 9, I was very busy and like all small boys climbing and running around everywhere! I was with my Dad and smaller sister on the farm, and me and my sister went and started climbing a cliff one of the mountains… I guess it was around 5-6 meters high cliff.

I went up and down a few times, and the last time I grabbed a loose rock and fell 5-6 meters vertically of the cliff! I blacked out and when I woke up, I only broke my left arm! If I had fell a bit skewed or more to one side, I could have broken my back, legs, neck and inevitably I could have died! But God spared me that day again!

Then skipping some years, coming to 17 years old. Me and my friends were preparing to visit a friend’s farm. And a random stranger shows up at our house. I go out and greet him, ask him can I help? He looks at me and says.

Chris the Lord loves you, ride carefully?

I was a little bit freaked out to say the least! Who is he? How does he know my name? And I must ride carefully? Ok? So, we went to the farm. I forgot about the whole thing…

On the last day we were there we went horse riding; I have been riding since I was 4 so I am no rookie. I however did not want to climb on one of the small horses. I am a man I need a proper horse. My stupid ego! I climb on the biggest badest horse they have. When I got on it decided it did not want to move so naturally, I gave it a light whip….

And then it started running and not stopping! I stayed on due to my experience. But eventually it ran towards a closed gate and stopped dead. In its track. Me flying off over its head. No protecting gear on. I fell, my right hip hitting a bog bolder, and I passed out.

I woke up and could not move due to pain. I cracked my hip! My friends took photos of the scene. After a while when I looked at the photos, I discovered or rather it came to light that stranger… This was what he was talking about! That rock… If the horse stopped 1/2 a meter before my head would have hit that rock! I could have had brain damage or worse. I could have died! God saved my life again!

I guess the story is long enough now already, to see the grace of God in my life so far. I still have a lot of tales to tell, but I would like to finish with the following. I know God loves me, and he always did. He takes care of me and leads me. I will from now on follow Him and trust in him like never before! And I will learn and work to Love Him more.


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