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The Story of My Life

I blessed the Lord for wonderful people on this blog sharing their lives and testimony with others and seeking help from fellow Christian. Your openness in sharing about your life and experiences has really motivated me to share my life too on this blog. My challenge and struggles.

My life journey is such a one that is characterize by pain, joy, struggle and victory. I Blessed the Lord for keeping me in the race despite all challenges of faith. I am sharing my testimony mainly to encourage others who may be experiencing what I wrote in this testimony to tell them that God has not forgotten them, they should not give up, but they should rather seek help in the body of Christ to their problem. A point came in my life that I could not go on alone and God sent me to a people whom he used to help me especially in the area of dealing with my spiritual foundations.

I was born into to a Muslim father who took a girl who came from a family that was deeply involve in traditional worship even though they claim to be Christian. They were not married by the time I was born. I was born out of wedlock. Being the first grandchild and grandson to my grandfather I occupy an enviable position as an African child.

My mother at certain age left me with my grandparent whom I grew to know as parent. I love to work and to help others even as male child. In no time I became the favorite of my grandfather who is an herbalist. I was the only one that was helping him in his trade as herbalist. My role was to miss and ground concoctions and going to herbal market to buy things for him. He did many charms for us which he called protections from evil powers; these were in actual sense a dedication to Satan. After some time, I started misbehaving stealing his money and going to film houses to watch films etc.

Around 1983/84 when I was barely six years old, an aunt of mine who is late now committed incest with me, and she committed herself to polluting the young girls and boys in the family causing them to commit incest with one another. She died mysteriously several years later.

In 1992, I left my grandparent’s house after I was caught stealing in my grandpa’s room. Returning to my parent cause me to have a setback in my education. I had to change school the following year and I repeated a class. I blessed God because all things worked for good for me. Toward the end of that year around September, I gave my life to Jesus Christ at the age of 14. It happened so suddenly, and I cannot give you a clear account of how I made that decision. I just discover my heart was open to the gospel I heard, and I took the step of faith as I embrace Christ as my savior.

After 3 years of following Christ at the age if 17, I was lure by desire for sexual pleasure which I began to derive by masturbating and feeding on pornography to fall back from following Christ. I felt I am not meeting the criteria for holiness that the bible prescribed and was taught in the denomination I was then in, so I quit. I quit following Christ for 6 years. Within those six years I went into all kind of sins and began to wander in the wilderness of life.

Along the way I got an admission into the university to study Language and Communication Art. At that point I met a girl whom I dated for only one week and she introduce me to what I called mutual sexual relationship; I was 22 years old then. She was the first girl I would ever have sex with on my own apart from the sexual experience with my late aunt when I was barely six years old.

In 2002 I was invited by one of my lecturers to a college of education close to where I lived. He was my Theatre Art lecturer at the university and the H.O.D of a newly established Theatre Art Department at a college of Education. He wanted experienced Theatre Art students to join them to assist in building up the new intakes. Since I offer Theater Art as minor course and I was the leader of one of the best theater groups in my class, I was invited.

At the college I met lots of girls and I started going out with one of them. I did not speak to her, but she came to my house and seduced me to sleep with her. She was a virgin when I met her. After 3 months of relationship, she got pregnant, and she didn’t tell me in time, rather she would joke about it and still demand sex. Not until it was getting to three months. She would not have become serious if she had not fallen seriously sick and got admitted into hospital.

At that period I was the leader of a drama group I help to found and organize in my denomination then. I was looked upon as a leader, but I was a fornicator. The reality of the girl becoming pregnant took me by surprise and her final choice to abort it put me in a very tight corner. I have promised myself not to abort for any girl. I broke my promise, and we did the abortion.

In Nigeria where I came from, it is illegal for a doctor to conduct abortion for a girl, so we seek out a quack doctor who agreed to do the abortion for a fee. It was not a pleasant experience at all. I was with her throughout the time. During the process of aborting the baby she almost died. We were on it for two nights it was on the morning of the third day that the already formed fetus came out. Oh! How my heart broke for what I did. That could have been my first child, but I flushed it into the pit.

I also thank God that she did not die, maybe it would be from the prison that I would be writing this story. Her mother was a politician and her father an ex-police officer. There are cases of many girls going for abortion and at the end they died. I lost a female friend in secondary school to such case.

During the process of the abortion when I was saw how she was experiencing great pain, I knew anything could happen, so I began to cry to the Lord to help me and deliver me. I cry to him to save the girl’s life. He heard my prayer and the ordeal was over in three days.

A week and two days after the event on July 24th, 2001, at the age of 23, I was restored back to Christ through a divine encounter. That day I was coming from the bible study in the denomination I attended then, as I came down from the bus, I crossed the first express road and I was at the center of the road about to cross the second lane when I heard a loud voice in my ears saying to me

“Do you think you are the one protecting your life!”

The voice knocked out everything I was thinking and got my heart thinking immediately at the spot. Many people have crossed that same road and they have been knocked down by on-coming vehicle and they died, but I have crossed this road many times even at night when there was no streetlight and I am still alive. Right there and then I was convicted of my sin, and I began to repent before the Lord, I wept from that spot till I got home.

It was later I realize that what God was referring to was the many spiritual attempts by the enemy to destroy my life. One of such cases is an experience I had some years before i was restored to the Lord. I was sleeping in the afternoon when suddenly I discovered that something was coiling around me like a big python. It was squeezing me, and I felt like I am going to die. I could not breath again and as I was about to give up. Just at that point the creation left me and what I saw was like dinosaur. It has a shining skin, and it passes through the side of my window and disappeared.

When I got home after the encounter I had on road, I pour out my heart in repentance to the Lord and he heard me and forgave me of my sin. That marks the new beginning in my life and the beginning of spiritual warfare that almost took my life.

At a point I thought I was going to run mad because the enemy began to war against my mind and torment me through thoughts, dream and visions. Satan and his kingdom seem to be magnified and God seem to be nowhere, apart from peace and assurance of faith I have in my heart.

I also remember having a very frightening experience I have was that whenever I am in the church praying. One of these experiences has to do with serpent. Each time we stand to pray in the church, I use to feel that there was a great python opening it mouth under my feet to swallow me up. It was really scary and disturbing that I could not stand at a spot but to be moving up and down the hall as I prayed.

The battle took a new turn when I began to be fed almost every night in my dreams and I would wake up every day between 2am and 3am to vomit. It became so bad that I became depressed, and I was losing weight. I became emaciated that I was ashamed of going for service as many young people in that denomination are just nominal Christians they are not born again, and they do not welcome the idea of my being born again. One night at the heat of the oppression I woke up and vomited and after that I told the Lord, I would not turn back or deny you even if this oppression kills me. That was the end of that particular oppression, but the beginning of many other battles that I began to face in my life.

This second phase of the battle I understood has to do with my foundations. When I was young, I use to see all kind of creeping things that others would not see as a child. I never knew those things were actually in me. It was at this stage they began to manifest. I would experience for hours, creeping things walking all over my body. It would start from my head and all over my body and they are so discomforting and painful. At a point I thought I was going to run mad. It would look as if those things wanted to come out but are only being held back by my skin and one could be tempted to want to cut himself for them to come out. This experience persisted for about 3 years before the Lord delivered me. I would cry and wailed before the Lord asking him to save and deliver me from them, but it seems the more I prayed the more they multiplied.

One day, I went to a small Baptist church building and kneel before the Lord and pour out my heart on many issues that is troubling me. I was supposed to go home to my parent to see them and collect my school allowance and pick food stuff for school. On my way home the Lord met me and told me to go back to school. I had no money on me and the money I used to transport myself from school was borrowed with the intention that I would return it when I get back to school. My school was in another state from the state where my parents were. This was one of the issues I table before God in tears asking why he is leading me in such a difficult pathway. I told him how tired I was of all these painful experiences.

Then as I was praying, I slept off on my knee and I heard the Lord giving me Jeremiah 30:16. I have never read that scripture before. When I woke up, I knew the Lord has given me a message through that scripture, so I searched it out. It says,

Some months after I was reading my bible and I got to this point in my bible where I mark the scripture and I remember what the Lord said to me. I cast my mind back and realized that the creeping things moving in my body had gone. I was free and I did not know it. This marked the beginning of total deliverance for me even on issues that has to do with my foundations.

After this God began to show me by divine arrangement that I need to deal with certain foundations in my life that are given the legal ground to the enemy. My foundation in idolatry was touched by God. I saw in me two streams flowing simultaneously. One stream comes from God and the other from the enemy. This was creating a great struggle for me in entering my ministry as the enemy was fighting my understanding of things of God. I began to struggle between religion and true Christianity. I could hardly differentiate the light from darkness. My dreams were on daily bases being polluted and the enemy was using it to create fear and suspicion of people in my heart. I find it difficult to relate to people because of fear.

I began to see things, but the Lord in his mercy began to show to me the genesis of this strange spiritual experiences. He leads me through deliverance ministration and began the work of renewing my mind through the knowledge of the truth that comes from waiting on Him. This was few years ago and I thanked the Lord that I am out of it matching on in victory to the purpose of God for my life. This is not to say I do not have other challenges as Christian but this enemy of my soul that seem to defile solution has been dealt by the Lord and God today is laying in me a new foundation for life and ministry. My joy and peace have increased and my faith in the Lord and knowledge of Him is increasing also praise the Lord.


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