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Spreading The Gospel Through Blogging

Hello there,

I would like to tell you something really cool. I was reading a devotional entry from the book “Extreme Devotion” by the Voice of the Martyrs and came across something that impressed me greatly. At the end of the devotion there was an application section that asked what creative thing do you do to help spread the gospel.

Well, I thought and prayed about this, and the thought popped up in my head: “Make a blog.” I was a little nervous at such an idea. Blog? How in the world do you make a blog? I prayed about this idea and asked God to help me to want to do it if it was His will.

After a couple of days, I went on my computer and came across When I found out that you can create blogs on the site, I registered and began learning how to make a blog. It was a little challenging because I was so new at the thing but soon, I began to grow familiar with how the dashboard works.

Prayerfully I started my first blog, which is about being a Light bearer for Jesus. It was very enjoyable giving biblical advice on how to achieve this heavenly calling, and also sharing videos to help encourage people to let their light shine for Jesus.

One night as I slept another impression came to me to make another blog. Only this one would be about fasting from the things of the world to draw closer to Jesus and to be filled more with the Holy Spirit. Using the concept of the SPAM (Spiritual Preparation and Meditation) fast from the book “The Prayer of Jabez for Teens” by Bruce Wilkinson, I prayerfully started creating the second blog.

I’m glad that God helped me to obey Him when He called me to do this. I’m excited on what God will do with these blogs. I hope and pray that He will use them in a way that’s according to His will.

Here are the addresses of the blogs if you would like to check them out:

May God continue to bless you all!


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