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God Moves When It Feels Like Our Backs Are against The Wall

I would like to share to you a story which happened many years ago. I came from a poor family, and we just couldn’t afford to buy a computer. I was in high school during that time, and I wasn’t chosen to be in the computer class, so my hopes of ever learning more about computers were slim.

I graduated and studied in college but had to quit after a year due to financial constraints. I like to know how to type fast, but since we didn’t have a computer back then, I wrote on a piece of notebook the proper letter placement for each finger. Then I draw a keyboard on the notebook and studied it.

I studied and pretended as if I am typing in a real computer. This went on for months. Later, I decided to look for a job. I went on to a job event, but it turns out that the position I was applying for was actually a scholarship grant for a 1-month English course. I took the scholarship.

Now, I am so thankful to the LORD JESUS since in this company, they allowed us to use the computers free of charge and we can go there whenever we want. My class started at 6pm and I would be there 1-2 pm already. This gave me time to practice my typing skills. Since the computers were all in Linux, there’s not much that I can do except to practice my typing skills and listen to some music.

Slowly but surely, my typing skills has improved. I graduated from that class and applied for a job. Surely enough, better typing skill was one of the skillsets that the company were looking into and I flawlessly passed that test, and I was hired even though I was not able to graduate in college that time.

It’s now almost 11 years since that had happened. However, it still felt just like yesterday. GOD is a very good GOD. When we feel like there’s no way, when it feels like our backs are against a wall, when we feel like the Israelites facing the red sea and got no other way to go, it’s when GOD would surely find a way out for us.

Never forget the awesome things GOD has done for you. These are sweet memories of HIS love and defines WHO HE is. GOD is a good GOD. When we don’t see HIS hand, we can trust HIS heart. His plans for us are good because HE loves us.

When bad things happen, let us think of GOD as our loving FATHER WHO loves to solve our problems and not someone who is against us. GOD loves to see us happy. Continue to cling and hold on to GOD. HE has great plans for you, more than you could ever dream or imagine.


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