Group Praying Together

Calling for Prayer…

I am requesting in Jesus name for prayer as I am having a tough time with a particular family member. The Lord is amazing and succours me as I require. But I feel I have so many known and unknown friends on this site that I thought I will post a request for prayer.

Emory, Pietergabriel, Zoe-selah, DaughterofChrist, asianjesuslover ;-), oh my friends, I am in prison in a way and need fellowship sorely. Please pray for the will of Father God to happen in my life, in the name of Jesus.

This is not a call of desperation but Matthew 18:20:

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.”

And we have all gathered in HIS spirit on this board is it not. I am sure I will have testimony to give soon as He commands.
Loosing the light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ upon you all.
In love for Christ,


  1. Emory 9/4/2013
  2. Zoe_Selah 9/4/2013
  3. cheeryleesa 9/5/2013
  4. Joy 9/6/2013
  5. pietergabriel 9/6/2013
  6. cheeryleesa 9/7/2013
  7. lekan 11/24/2013
  8. cheeryleesa 11/25/2013
  9. heyashleynicole420 6/17/2014

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