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Thank You Lord Jesus for All You Do!

I have so much to be thankful for. Yesterday I was pulled over by a state trooper for running a red light. He didn’t give me a ticket. I deserved a ticket, but he let me go. Later as I was thinking on this, I realized I deserve to go to hell for my sins, but Jesus paid the fine for me. Thank you, Jesus!

A couple years ago we were traveling down a two-lane snow- and ice-covered road. The pickup behind a semi on the other side couldn’t wait and went to pass. We were going downhill and he was headed straight toward us.

He started sliding and my husband yelled no Jesus please! The pickup slid to the right across the semi and safely off the road. Thank you, Jesus!

We hit a deer one night and if you have ever hit one, they can cause a lot of damage. Since then, I have prayed over our vehicles we travel in. A couple times we were about to hit a deer just standing in our lane. One time I said,

“God no!”

The deer then started to run and out of the way just in time. The other time I cannot remember exactly but I believe I called the name Jesus, and that deer did the same thing. There was another time more deer were in the road, and they all started running after my husband blew the horn. I was asleep and didn’t know until later.

The other time many deer were on each side and looked as if they wanted to run into the road but stayed until we passed. I pray over vehicles for God in Jesus’ name to protect the people and animals around us. He does!

My husband’s paycheck was going to be short one week. He had to get paperwork turned in before Saturday night at midnight. He didn’t but it showed up that he did. The ladies in the office couldn’t explain it but I just said thank you God in Jesus’ name and thank you Jesus!

I had some work done on my car recently. I also had the headlights polished. After the guy polished them, the manager was not satisfied. She did them and was not pleased so she didn’t charge me. I thought they looked wonderful. Thank you, Jesus!

There was one time I needed to get away from a person in my life who is in the occult, and I prayed to God in Jesus’ name to please motivate me to do so. I had rented a building from her and couldn’t find motivation to move.

My husband was injured and out of work for six weeks. He was supposed to receive a check from workman’s comp the first week and the paperwork was not filed properly. We had to sell most of our belongings to pay bills and this is how I was motivated. My husband received a big check for the whole six weeks after returning to work.

I got away from the person and not in the way I wanted. It turned out for the best. I got rid of stuff I guess I didn’t need but most important, I got away from the person I didn’t need to be around. Thank you, Jesus!

There are so many good things that God has done in my life that not everything comes to mind at once. A lot of times I look back on things that have happened in my life and see God’s hand everywhere. Even when I was committing a lot of sin, He was still watching over me. He is in control. He is even in control over Satan. Satan has to ask God’s permission to do anything. Isn’t that amazing? Satan can’t do anything without asking God first!

I didn’t always understand the way God works and sometimes think “God what are you doing?” He knows best. It is so easy to forget sometimes. I love you Jesus! I also thank you for my trials. I may not thank you at the time I’m in them, but you always see me through them. I know I still have more to learn. Thank you, God in Jesus’ name.

Proverbs 3:5-6,

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight.

I pray that this is covered by the blood of Jesus and in Jesus’ name I pray amen. Thank you, Jesus!

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