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As for me and my House

I asked the Lord for direction, if to stay in New Zealand or to prepare to immigrate back to Israel. I asked that if it was His will for us to leave New Zealand that He would sell our house. We put our house on the market and waited.

I dreamt:

Two men were coming to look at our house. One was a short Chinese man and the other was tall, wearing a suit, speaking on his cell phone.

A week later it was a hot day. I just returned from shopping and was very tired. I needed a rest. I took my shoes off, ready to put some order in the house and fix a meal for the children returning from school.

Suddenly the bell rang. I opened the door and my friend Pam, who is a real estate agent, asked if she could bring some people in to look at our home. I said, “I couldn’t possibly let you in when the house is in such a state.” She answered, “No problem, I will help you. I will let them sit in the sitting room while I take care of the kitchen, and you will take care of the rooms. Then when you finish I will show them around.”

So I agreed, and as quickly as possible I put order in the rooms and came back to the sitting room.

I could not believe my eyes! In front of me were the two men of my dream, a Chinese man, and a tall man with a suit and a cell phone.

I invited them to look around the house, meanwhile I whispered to Pam, “These are the people who will buy the house.” She had a wide smile.

As they were about to leave the short Chinese man stopped at the front door, and looked at the beam above the window in the sitting room. He asked a question in Chinese, and since I understood what he wanted to know I answered, “As for me and my house we will serve the LORD!” The Chinese man tapped on his chest and said,

“I’m pastor!”

A few day after the house was sold to this child of God, this Chinese pastor. Hallelu-Yah!

Marlene Malachi
© Mishkan Ed
marlene_cohen at hotmail dot com

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