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Angels Seen in Dream: I Hope You Can Help Me Figure This Out

It’s been 2 years ago 2012 when I started to see this dream. I’m having  questions too why I’m seeing a dream like this, which I don’t understand. I hope you all can help me figure this all out, so it will be clarified for me… I told my friends about this dream but some believe in me some don’t. Some just listen at first yet later they just stop me and turn their back  to excuse them  because they will gonna do something. Other of my friends just listen at first and then change the topic even though I am not finished yet talking about it. I know that some of these people I talk about my dream thought that I was crazy or over thinking. I talked about this dream with friends and I had very few positive responses about what I saw in my dream after I shared it with them. So right now I will tell you what is that in my dream. It was actually three dreams in three different nights wherein I saw an angel and the destruction of the world. It is actually the scenes and situations that I seen in my dreams. No more, no less. I can see and it is all still clear to me.

I woke up around 3 am. Frightened and rushing to get my pen and book to wrote down and draw what I see in my dream so I will never to forget… and this is what I saw:

In my dream I saw Jesus Christ so bright wearing a beautiful so shining full of gold crown. And all white  like what popes  robe wearing but it is so very shining full of gold shining brightly really so white brightly shining. On HIS side I saw Mama Mary  so beautiful holding the hand of Jesus Christ.  Mama Mary wearing like she is wearing in revelation to Fatima. That’s what she looks like. and her dress … And she is so shining brightly so white with a crown like Jesus Christ. they were shining brightly with a light shining brightly on top of their heads. I see in my dream THEY were face to face to me at first floating in the sky. on split second  my vision is me op top visioning their heads like u seeing your feet. that I can see and I can see the world-the earth- from above. Split second I saw Jesus Christ change to just like a bright shining just like a wishing star seen and gone, but here I see Him change to bright shining star and then go to the world and I see him change to a man with white cloth covering his body. He has very short hair and a beard. He looks dirty and he look so pitied.

The man was on the center of a stadium I mean like a football stadium. He was a mocked and laughed of people surrounding the stadium. the scene is like in arena..and he was just alone in the center of the dome. Later I saw helicopter crash into a building fire burn all over the place.. people were screaming where to go… all over the dome there were fires and full of distraction. I see also volcano erupting. trees in the mountains even far away I can see it was all burning.. I see also people in the small cottages who are naked drinking and was partying  were crying because destruction of the world had start. the line of electricity in the street were  on fire. people in the cottages some are just still partying I see some of them don’t care of devastation.

In a split second my vision seeing that the Man on a white cloth covered was running and looking for a way out and there after I didn’t see the man.

…split second change scene of dream   I saw the dolphins are dead .. on the seaside of the ocean. lots of dolphins were dead everywhere.. and there I saw water is arising and disturbed. there is a tsunami coming. I see people in the top of buildings. I see as well a tall bridge  but it is reaching already by the water. I can see myself  inside of a train, I was praying while holding the railing of the train. Lots of people are in the train so scared frightened like me. everybody were screaming I see the water tsunami is so near. I saw my aunt and my cousin reaching my hand. I see people reaching their hand in that bridge. . and there water came and is filling up the train. the glasses of the train are broke. It filled the train, I was catching my breath and then I know after that I was dead.

I saw myself walking into the three stairs going up. in which I’m just. I following the crowd.. I was on the back of the crowd. I was wearing white cloth having a long hair.. on my  back side I turn and see that there is a wall and I saw a black crow on the top of the wall with a radio playing near into the crow. on the other side of the edge of that wall i’m seeing the world is like changing to brown wet soil. the soil is sipping down.. eroding.

And there I talk to  the one in the crowd. I ask her where we going?. she said we will go to that big house. from her head down looking to that house she’s saying to me.. I see it looks like a church, and all the people with me were walking. They’re walking head down. Looking at the floor walking. And leading  getting into that  big house like church. while I was walking down in that road with this people I see other people saying their rosary. I was talking the one beside me of my past that I am repenting and  was so very sorry and later I was doing rosary to with them. I was crying and I was so afraid like others. we get into that place like a church. it was a three row line, and there I saw  a long table. Three people were sitting on the chairs like they were judges or something like that. I can’t see actually what they look like, but when it was my turn there was a bright like a shining star come out from my chest when that someone touched and got something in my chest. Everyone in that place was silent. After that, my turn.

I was looking for my mama and my sister. I saw them on the chair sitting on that first row which is it surrounding the three  line.  when I saw mama I touch her chin and bring it up to look at me. She was just looking at me like she didn’t know me, but she looked so beautiful. She’s so young, red cheek. like she don’t have illness. she looks so fresh. Yet, she didn’t know me. Even my sister.. she didn’t know me… I left them and I walk just beside them there is small room, there is doorknob. I reached it and open it.. its dark inside I just took a peek. and I went out. I walking in the whole place of that church. I saw my childhood friend. And my friend in college. And that my first dream.

Another Night I had a dream…

I saw the angels., they were everywhere. the angels were riding in like a Noah’s ark. they are from heaven and riding down the earth flying in the air from the sky…. there were angels beside the people who are in the line… there were two lines that watched by  an angels.  and the top of that line there is a man who is holding a paper its full of names written on it. calling names whether to go ride to go into the room. The people chose and called are getting into the Noah’s ark riding thing  and is getting up into the sky with the angels … anyways the angels were so white complexion with curly hair. they were tall much bigger than human. they have wings see them so innocent like babies. As I remember they look so positive, full of joy. They don’t even speak, but they were just smiling. The smile is not leaving their faces.

Another night’s dream..

I saw my angel holding my hand and I was looking at the angel and that angel looking at me too. he has wings and curly hair and he look so  tall like he is two times taller than me.. and we are getting up above the sky till I went out of the earth. And I see the earth. getting smaller and smaller…. I didn’t speak. The angel was not speaking to me too. we are just looking at each other. Like he is telling me something. While holding me and getting up above the sky…inside of me I was full of joy…



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