An Unfailing Love

God is so good, this will be a very short version of my testimony. I have been a drunk, a drug dealer and addict, and in a homosexual relationship…and thats the worst things that i remember from that dead man. I came home after being in the army for afew years, to find all that i expected to be happy about, was nothing but the same life and problems and the ME i hated so much.

I started going back to church and gave my heart back to my God. Well…who the Son sets free is free indeed. God has set me free from the things that once haunted me. All the horrible anxiety, condemnation and darkness is gone. Its amazing, how the wonderfull, precious blood of my Jesus is as strong today as it was the day He chose pour out His life for me.

When he chose to look past my sin, at what i was, and chose to give it all so that i, I can be free. I tell you right now, whereever, and whoever you are, you were the one on his mind on that cross, and He knows how bad the pain is….because He carried it all the way up a hill and onto a cross. He is here now, waiting for us to come, just to come and be His child.

Try this now… put your hand right in front of your mouth, now breath, whisper, thats how close God is to you right now, just a whisper away. Be strong in the Lord and never give up, your daddy’s arms are right here, He is waiting to love you, and set you free. And you are free in Jesus name.

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