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After 42

I have a life changing experience i would like to share. It involves what i learned to be demonic oppression. This is a firsthand lesson on how God puts us where we are needed when the time is right. I’m not going into details as I have it all written in detail if anyone would like to read it, I will leave a contact email.

I was not the one being oppressed but I was a witness to it and actually talked to the demon(s). Quite terrifying is really an understatement. I am confident that I was placed in this person’s life to help rid her of this, she has had with her for a long time.

After the two major encounters I experienced with this demon I did not know what to do, I thought about it all day at work after the weekend of which it occurred. I knew time was a factor, so I called someone who kept popping in my head. He was a friend and a brother in an organization I was in, but not a close friend, he lived in another town.

Why him?

I don’t know, but I am convinced that’s who God wanted me to contact. I called him and explained to him the situation, which was quite a handful to swallow for most people, but he could hear the sincerity and desperation in my voice. He put his family and life on hold for an entire evening to try to find me someone to help. He was on the phone for over 5 hours and after rejection after rejection from priests, preachers and such, he was getting quite baffled himself.

The number one thing that was told him by all these preachers was have her go get a mental evaluation. I had to stop him and say I know for a fact, without question that this is spiritual. The reason is because supernatural events had happened of which we both witnessed (doors slamming in between us, …etc). Had it not been for things I had seen with my own eyes, a mental eval would have been an option. After my confirmation that is was without a shadow of a doubt this is spiritual, he continued on the next day.

I had talked with a guy I worked with about it also even before I called my friend, but I went back to him, and he told me to find a Pentecostal Preacher. Pentecostals believe in the exorcising of demons, the guy I worked with had been to 2 exorcisms in the past. So, I called him back and told him who to find. A few hours passed by, and he called, he said

“You can now take a deep breathe, I have found someone to help you.”

I immediately busted out in tears, I thought no one was gonna help me, being denied after preacher after preacher after preacher, someone was willing to help, A Pentecostal preacher that lived about 5 minutes from my friend helping me. He spent all that time reaching across the state and beyond trying to find someone and it ended up being someone who lived right down the road from him.

As all this was going on with him helping me, I had to tell my girlfriend, the one being oppressed, what was going on because I learned that she has to consent for it to be removed from her. All the events I witnessed, she was completely blacked out and didn’t know about any of it.

When I told her, the demon knows what she knows, so it started making some physical harm toward her, now she knew it could what it wanted at any time of the day or state of the mind. I had it set up for us to go talk to the preacher and about mid-day, she decides she is all better, no need to talk to them.

This is how much influence demonic or dark spirits can have. While they can’t force her, they can strongly suggest. After hours of trying to convince I talk to my friend who helped me from the beginning, he said have her call me and let me talk to her. She didn’t even want to do that, but somehow, someway he convinced her to go, she was very on edge, but we went.

We talked to the pastor, his wife and the associate pastor for a couple of hours all together. I told him the whole story and he listened; they asked if she was a born-again Christian, of which she was, but not living exactly right. But he said a born-again Christian could not be possessed but could be oppressed and that was what was happening. They were prepared to remove any demons if she was possessed, but The Preacher found that she had been harboring strong hate all this time, relating to her traumatic, violent experience as a teen.

So, a lesson her and I both learned this day, if you can forgive, it takes away the demons right to be there. Forgiveness is a very important factor in life. He explained to us that forgiving is not saying it is ok whatever wrongs have been done, but it releases you and puts them in the hands of God to deal with them. I had never thought about it like that and neither had she.

She put her hate away and forgiveness she gave to the people that had done her wrong. The preacher looked at her right in her eyes and said,

“In the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to leave!”

She told me later than when he said that to her, she blacked out for a few seconds and it felt like a breath came out of her. She has not had any issues since. 3 Months and counting. We have since been truly saved and baptized.

Demons cannot refuse the name of Jesus Christ. This is to me, and I hope to anyone that reads this can realize the people I came in contact with were put in my path to help me along the way. I am more than certain about that.

Jesus Christ sets the pace for the things that need to happen when it is time for them to happen. I hope this may help someone in a similar circumstance. I sit back and wonder how many people have been in a situation like this not to get the help they needed. Demons do make it seem like things are hopeless, they focus on negativity, they lie, they corrupt the mind. There is hope.

Anyone who wants to know the details of what happened, just email me at: after42 at live dot com

I’m not a minister, nor do I have any schooling or official credentials to be giving advice, but I believe I have what God needs me to have to help others… to guide them. I have without any doubt The Holy Spirit protecting me, guiding me, to fill the void of the victims who have not answers, who are made to feel helpless, as I did for a brief time.


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