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Unwanted Bonds of Addiction to Pornography

Dear people, I came across this site, looking for a solution to dealing with pornography.

I have been saved (on and off due to pornography) since I was 14, and now I am 19. But I have walked very closely with the Lord in the past (so much so I could see in the spiritual realm). But the sin that always drags me down is this unclean spirit pornography. I would go a long time with God, then one day I would be tempted so much I would just give in and think it will be okay, but after, I would get very down and depressed and the rest of the junk that comes with it. Argghhh! It’s so frustrating!

I want to be so clean and transparent so God can just work through me (as He used to do).

Please, pray for me, and email if you want to help me a further way – a.tasker at hotmail dot co dot uk

God bless,



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