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My Last Hope (Discovering God’s Plan)

Hello, my name is Jay.

This past Fall I was as excited as ever to start my 3rd year of community college. It was my last year there and I would be transferring to a university and become the first in my family to do so. Well, I was in for a treat. In the middle of the Fall semester I ended up dropping all my classes because my motivation for school was absolutely lost.

In January 2014 I quit my job because I could not take being miserable there anymore. I was confident God had a plan for me. So, back to school I went in the Spring and was super confirmed and excited again.

No job meant more time for school. This wasn’t a good thing. I got myself in a little debt, because quitting my job meant me not paying my bills. I wasn’t really worried about the debt; main worries were which university will accept me. That’s all I can think about

So here comes April 2014, the month I been waiting for since I graduated high school. After having a very bad year, the first domino fell, I was denied to UCSB. It really hurt reading that rejection letter, but I still had four more schools left.  In the next two weeks I was denied to UCI and UCLA.

All of a sudden, my dreams were slipping by the minute. What I was happy about was that I was praying to God to pick the right school, so I was assuming he would narrow the school he wants for me by rejecting all and get accepted by one.

I was down to UC Berkeley and USC. USC was my dream school as a child, and I never thought it would be possible to go there. However, something said apply to it anyways.

The last week of April comes, and I get denied to UC Berkely. I was debated, but not done. I had USC to wait on. I had to wait an extra month just to hear back from USC. What made the wait worse was the calls from credit companies about me paying them even though I had no job.

The 2nd to last week came and I revived a call from my mom telling me my estranged father was dying. I was really sad because I always wanted to forgive my dad. However, he couldn’t talk anymore. It really hurt me on the inside because I knew I would never get the chance again.

He passed away on May 19th. My mom told me he was in and out the hospital for two years. My father never went back to Mexico, because even though he didn’t see my brothers and sisters and I, just the thought of him being close to us was enough for him to stay.

My dad fought for his life for two years, ending with victory because at the end he went with God. It was a beautiful moment knowing that God confirmed to my mom that my dad was indeed in God’s presence. I forgave him. I even went to his viewing even though I didn’t want to see my dad in a casket. I had to honor God’s commandments. My dad left me with a powerful message, and it was to fight until the very end. Fight on no matter what the situation is. Fight until your last breath.

I’m glad my dad got to be buried in his homeland of Mexico and one day I plan on visiting his gravesite there and following his footsteps by believing in God and following his words even though I continue to fail and fall. The last week of May comes and my USC decision is looming. I wake up on Saturday morning and my first intentions are to check my USC portal. As I open up my portal my heart is racing as fast as a cheetah.

I open up to a rejection letter.

How could this be?

I was absolutely devastated and could not understand what was happening in my life. I got denied to every school I applied to, my stranger father dying, no job, got into debt. I thanked God. I was still alive and well at the end of the day.

BUT! Something hit me that morning. I didn’t want to, but something was telling me “This is not it”. My mom called me later on and she told me she was getting the message from God about “where’s my faith?” That whole morning the words appeal kept ringing in my head. I said, “fine I will appeal.”

The USC appeal rules stated it can only be one page and I must provide new and compelling info. I dropped my bro off at work and when I got back home that second, I was more than ready to write my appeal.

I wrote about My dad’s story, how I wanted to become a pro boxer and change the world. I wrote most importantly that message my dad gave me and how it relates to USC’s motto, “fight on”. The words were just flowing out of my heart. All of a sudden, I was happy again.

Here we are today, and I’m as calm as possible. Just the thought of my dad leaving me with one gift of helping me get into my dream school with the help of God brings me to tears. Here I am, as calm as I can be in this situation. I find out about my appeal by the middle of next week July 16th. USC is my dream school, as I want to be close to my mom and also fight my way out of poverty by boxing and buying my mom that house she deserves in Jesus’s name.

I ask all of you for your prayers. The nerves are starting to pick up again. I am not perfect, actually I’m far from it. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry, all I want is to unite with all of you through prayer. Help my pray for my last hope of getting into a university and make my family proud.

“All things whatever you ask for in prayer, you will receive”.   Matthew 21:22

Thank you all for reading my journey about these last 8 months. In the name of Jesus it all comes to a amazing victory by the middle of next week.

God bless you all, God is great.


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