You are Holy and thus your Children too are Holy….

I was exposed to sexual literature at a very tender age by the presence of seemingly innocent mills and boons books around my home. I used to smuggle the books and read them in the bathroom. Without knowing what i did I learned how to use my body wrongly when I was but ten or twelve. By the time I realised this is sin, it was too common a thing for me to resist. Neither did it bother me too much. I hid it very well and it continued well into my married life.

Only after many years, when I was around twenty seven or eight, was I truly saved when I gave my life to Jesus. Somewhere along the line, I don’t know when, I lost the urge to look at such literature, films or any such material. I just stopped using my body wrongly. Not only that I had absolutely no interest in it at all, to the extent that it disgusted me.

I am sorry I cannot be more definite about the details or when and how it happened. But there are a few things that I am sure about. One was that I became the prey of the devils tools through books that my mother left lying around the house which as a child came to my notice. BE AWARE of this and do not expose your children to wrong things even unknowingly!

Secondly and more importantly was that with the Baptism of the Holy Spirit you are washed clean and He will hold you back and protect you from such things ever again. I never even asked God to purge me from such things, though I used to attempt to resist and used to ask forgiveness.

Everyone who reads this, we should collectively pray for our children of this world who are bombarded with Satan’s playthings and fall prey to them. Remember, We who are holy in Christ, our children are also holy. Cover them always and daily in the Blood of Jesus

PRAISE be to our Jehovah God In the name of His son Jesus Christ. May the Holy Spirit always guide and protect us Amen

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