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Lord Pulled Me Back from My Wretched Life – Thank you Lord!

In 2012 I got fed up with my life due to two reasons, one being I was overworked with my job and the other being I could not get VISA to Canada after trying twice. So I left my job and started on a secluded life trying to make my living off my investments.

Every year passed by made it worse for me. I was already engaged in 2012 before leaving my job as well. By the end of 2015 I hit the rock bottom and I knew it was the end for me, I lost all my investments, I got so much trouble from my fiancé for delaying the wedding, I had no job, I was totally miserable. Even I have found the Lord way before in my life I did not care much even to go to Church. My mom is a devoted servant of the Lord and she kept me pushing and I realized I need to turn toward the God of Israel. I did so, I repent, read bible every day, pray to Lord, yet did not got to Church.

But Lord answered my prayers. I found a job in 2016 Jan, the job made me take a loan from a bank and I was able to do a wonderful wedding thank my Lord for that. I was able to make some new investments and now I’m having a good time with such as well. Now I’m about to leave my country and get employed in another better country. I know for sure Lord will provide me the best job ever there. I am happy, simply because of the Lord. Let this be a salvation to at least one person. Praise be to the Lord!

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