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What Does God Want Me to Do? (After Breakup with Ex)

My ex and I broke up almost a year ago, and we had a really bad breakup. Long story short, his parents didn’t approve of me for him because they deemed, “I wasn’t good enough and we weren’t marriage compatible.”

I was hurting a lot when we broke up, but through God’s grace, I have forgiven his parents and him. However, when we were still together, I had a really weird dream. I had a dream of our future together. I got to see our future neighbourhood, and in this dream, I was married to my ex and I was pregnant o_O.

The dream felt so real that when I woke up, I felt a sudden pressure in my stomach, almost as if a baby just kicked my stomach. Now this could not be possible, as we remained celibate during the entirety of our relationship. I want to move on, but every time I try, this dream always pops back in my head.

I started asking God whether if this dream is from the Lord or is this dream from Satan/my own selfish desires. The answer that I received was when I was reading His Word, and I came across Mark 8:33,

“Get behind me, Satan.”

I really felt the magnitude of God’s voice once I read this verse. Given the context of the verse, this was when Jesus rebuked Peter for not wanting the Son of Man to complete God’s will for him.

So, at first, I thought that God was telling me that I have a selfish desire for my ex, and that’s not God’s will for me. However, my heart does not rest easy with this revelation, as something felt off. So, I prayed about the situation more. Then, I came to the conclusion maybe God is telling me to wait, as now is not the time to know, and that there’s a reason why we are apart. I’m not sure what God wants me to do in this situation :/.

Any insightful input? How can you tell the difference between “no” and “wait”?


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