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Yes, We Can Ask God for Healing

Two years ago I started having really bad constipation and bloating. I tried everything from eating high in fibre foods, exercising, drinking lots of water and even taking medication I was given by my doctor to help with it. I tried almost everything I could think of but all just didn’t seem to work and then something deep within told me that only God could help me.

I then began praying about it and believed in my heart that God was going to heal me. In about two months of staying consistent in prayer and having faith. God kept His word and to this day I do not experience any constipation. I even stopped taking medication for it.

I was also diagnosed with multiple fibroadenoma 10 years ago in my teens. I had many lumps in both my breasts that amounted to 33 and 4 years ago I had an operation done on them. Most of the lumps were taken out but some remained because I was losing a lot of blood during the procedure. I was due for another operation this month so that the rest of them can be taken out but to be honest I couldn’t stand the thought of that happening and the pain of going under the knife again. I then prayed to God and asked Him to please not let that happen.

Two weeks ago I went for another check up before the operation could take place. The doctor found that 5 lumps had disappeared on their own and she could not explain how it happened without an operation being done. I knew that it was my God. I have only 6 remaining now and she told me that they have also shrunk in size. She then concluded that we should wait and not operate since most have disappeared and the rest have gotten smaller. God answered my prayer and He has taken over the situation just as it says in His word.

Psalm 30:2 “O Jehovah my God, I cried to you for help and you proceeded to heal me.”

I just want to say to all my brothers and sisters that we are not alone. We do not have to suffer in silence nor allow the devil to take over our lives. No matter what the problem is, it will never be greater than our God and His power. We are blessed to have all these blessings in Christ and it’s all up to us to seek and appreciate them. As well as to ask for them in FAITH.

Healing, Salvation, Peace, Prosperity is all ours and even more. Let us continue to truly seek God in all our ways and He Will Never Disappoint Us. His word is our comfort and our weapon. I love you all. May God Be With You.


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