The Day God Healed Me

Don’t lose Faith, God comes through.

I promised God I’d tell the world BOLDLY, and speak out a loud to give people hope that God still heals people every day and forgives all your sins! So my story begins one night, I made an account on some app where you meet and talk to people in your area; MeetMe. I met this guy on the app who I didn’t even know, I should’ve known better and had been smarter about my choices and actions. But I met up with him twice.

The second time we ended up having unprotected sex, and after that I never heard from him again. So I just moved on with my life. Again, I met someone else and had a one night stand with another guy. The next day after I felt real ugly about everything.

When I was laying in bed, I felt itchy down there and just thought to myself it’s probably just hair growing back. Well the next morning I woke up in so much pain and with swarm of blisters, I felt myself freaking out and I began having a break down, begging God to please let this not be an STD.

Sure enough I self-diagnosed myself and it was herpes. I was so devastated and disgusted with myself, I had gotten depressed, I kept it all to myself too and only told a few friends after a couple of weeks. I didn’t eat for weeks, hardly even drank water, hardly got out of bed, I would just cry in bed and pray to God or take showers and just beg God to take it all away, that it was not real, it was not happening. But it was. And let me make a note here and tell everyone, it is NOT God’s will for anyone to be sick or have any sort of disease; God does not teach you anything through sickness or disease. He is a loving, glorious, and forgiving God who wants you to be healthy.

Back to the testimony. I got so depressed I didn’t realize I was killing myself by starving myself for more than a week. I had collapsed in my kitchen floor, crying, while I felt myself slowly going out of it and I didn’t care. But something all of the sudden gave me such strength to get up from that, The Holy Spirit. After this I went to Planned Parenthood with my oldest sister, and it was confirmed I came back Positive for HSV 1. From that day on, I thought I was giving effort and showing faith to God, but truth is I really wasn’t, I didn’t fully trust him, and I would always worry even after praying to God. Which is something you should never do; you bring you’re worries to God and trust he’ll take care of them and he will! It’s his promise to you that he does exactly that.

I had gone to a convention with a good childhood friend of mine whose life has always been dedicated to God. At the convention, I felt the Holy Spirit with me, and the Lord spoke to me through a young woman standing next me, she said,

“God wanted me to just tell you that you are such a beautiful girl, and everything was going to be okay.”

I cried.

I only thought God had healed my body that night and after that I just tried to move on from what happened and thought, “God healed me, time to move on with my life.” How unfaithful I was. Months went by and in the mist of January of 2018, I had my second outbreak. Again, devastated but I knew what I needed to do; I didn’t blame God.

I just began praying to him humbly, trusting him day by day, giving him my worries, doing right, going to Church with an old coworker who is now a lovely close friend of mine and with my mom, began praising God and writing down verses; learning them and taking God by his word, I would even read in my Bible, and on my Bible App, and would listen to this audio on YouTube. I was building up my faith, trust, and overall relationship with God.

After I began trusting God and came forth to believers of God who were also close friends of mine, asking them to pray for me, things were looking up so fast for me in my life and people around me. One night I prayed to God, asking God to show me a sign. And the Holy Spirit led to me to a Minister by another friend of mine, I told her about my situation for the first time and her boyfriend’s grandfather told her to tell me to come to him. I did exactly that. When I came to him, he told me he prayed to God all week, asking Him, to please bring me there to him, because he said people usually never come. But the Holy Spirit led me there and I knew it was what God wanted me to do.

The way this Minister spoke was so true and beautiful preaching the words of God. I cried, because I felt God speaking to me, through him. He Ministered to me about healing, and looked at me and said

“Today is the day you are going to be healed.”

He took me into a different room, with close family members, his wife, his grandson, and his grandson’s girlfriend (my friend), then him, and Lord in the room with us. His wife anointed me with oil and let me also make a note here. It is God’s command that you get anointed with oil and prayed over by any elders of the Church and that prayer offered in faith WILL make the sick person well. As he prayed over me to be healed, I was also focusing on God in my mind, and praying as well in my head to him to heal me from the disease. I promised God I would never go back to my old ways, and that I would right this very testimony.

After he had gotten done praying over me, I was done also praying in head to God. I felt happiness in me, I was also sweating on my back. Then, we raised up our hands and thanked God for my healing. and then Minister told me, smiling at me,

“You are healed. You don’t see it but God has written your name down for the Glory that has been brought, and there is a big festival going on in Heaven because you are healed.”

Walking out, I felt God was speaking to me through him again, he told me,

“You are healed, the next time you go to the doctors you will ONLY receive good news, and you will cry because you’ll know why. Then you will blossom like a rose.”

It was so beautiful and overwhelming that I teared up from him telling me exactly that. I knew God had healed me, I am healed! Glory to God!! February 24th, 2018, on a Sabbath day.

So, after that I went home, I prayed to God thanking him for what he has done for me, and that I am going to go get tested. God is my best friend, so I tell him everything even though he already knows it all, he wants to hear everything come from you. So, I scheduled an appointment at my doctor’s office, and I went today, and I just kept thanking God, singing songs of praise to Him, crying but joyful crying and rejoicing in Jesus Christ.

As I went, I got the full panel test, they made me urinate into a cup and then took a blood test. Well now I’m just waiting for my good news. And that good news is God has healed me and I have come back negative for every STD I tested for, especially HSV 1. It is gone forever. God has wiped my tears away, all the pain, crying, sorrow, it is all gone. For The Glorious God has healed me.


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