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God, Just Fix My Life

Academically, I’d always been weak. No matter how much I tried, I was always the below average to average. Maybe my method of learning was wrong.

My parents were pretty strict when it comes to academics. They used to tell me to be better and how important my grades were. At that time I felt horrible and demotivated. I was extremely suicidal and had been self harming. My self esteem was terrible. And I kept praying and asking God to somehow give me good grades and just fix my life.

During my high school, the second last year my final report had come. And I’d scored so bad. So bad that they had to think twice about passing me to the final year. I could see my parents getting humiliated by my teachers. And it broke me so bad.

On that day something came over me. I prayed and I felt like God was telling me to not give up. So I aimed for a certain overall score. And I gave it my best. I worked harder than ever. Sometimes it never showed on a test, but I didn’t stop. I felt God encouraging me to go on and trust in Him.

Eventually in the end, I got way more that I expected. So much, that I’d never scored anything close to that percentage in my life. I also topped a subject.

It’s been 5 years since that happened. My God was so faithful. He rescued me. I used to feel misunderstood by my parents, but now God has made me realise that I was the one who misunderstood them. They wanted the best for me, they didn’t want me to fail in the future. They didn’t know I was hurting. God has given me so much peace.

I can’t tell you how much Jesus has changed my life. It would be so long that you wouldn’t even read this.

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