Girl reflecting on her life in field

Trust No One But God

The devil wanted my soul and came after me more times than I can remember, honestly. He tempted me with everything from riches to fame, with drugs and questioning my sexuality. I had so many demons inside of me. I lost a few people who were close to me such as my best friend.

Satan tempted me to kill myself. I was around horrible friends who did not care about me. It was so much that hurt me. I was lost for so long and I wasn’t always like that, which hurt me even more.

As a kid I was a very loving girl. As I got older, I became cold and emotionless. God saved my life when I didn’t pursue Him. I didn’t look for Him. I didn’t even care too much for God, but He still saved me.

There is so much I learned about God, and I look at things differently. I always struggle with being alone, but now I understand why I am being isolated; God is working out a plan for his children. Don’t question God, guys. Trust Him with your whole heart. He will work a miracle. Like He always does. Thank you, Yahshua.

I pray that whoever reads this learns about God and the devil’s tricks. The devil is in every corner, I promise you. He comes through people, your idols, maybe even your family, people you feel like you can trust, through things you see on TV or social media, your phone. Everything. Trust no one or nothing but God. Peace to you all. Glory to God. He is real.


  1. Gabino Martinez 4/6/2022
  2. DENIS NYAMWEYA 4/7/2022

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