A Woman Prays to God the Father of Jesus Christ

God Saved Me from a Life of Fear

I went through 3 months of fear induced by the covid lockdowns. By the end I should have been in a mental hospital. I was a “conspiracy theorist” by the end and I had started my journey to believing through God but through a medium. I imagine this let a lot of bad vibes into my world.

One day I was so scared to even be alone in my house. I called out to God while I was driving to my husband’s place of work asking him to save me because I was not ok, and I needed him.

That day a lady offered to pray for me. She recited the sinner’s prayer as I copied her word for word. I then snapped out of my fear. It was all replaced by a peace that could not be explained. I’d never felt anything like it before. It lasted about 15 minutes.

The following few weeks I was struggling with demon dreams and black figures at the end of my bed. I then had a dream where Jesus himself, a white robe and dazzling green eyes appeared to me. I asked if he was Jesus and he nodded before fading away and a couple more black-figured ” dreams” later, I realized when I called for God to help me, they’d vanish as quick as they came.

God was fighting for me, and I didn’t need to be scared. Since that realization I have been free of those nightmares (this happened 2 years ago) and only recently have I started questioning if God is real again, have I started having bad dreams again.

God is 100% there for us.

The day that lady prayed for me there was a white light in my room and a voice that said, “Thank you.”

It was the most beautiful voice I’d ever heard. Even if that was a dream. There is no way that feeling that came after I recited the sinner’s prayer was not. I’m so blessed that my God saved me from a life of fear and torment.

My psychosis feels like it was a bad dream and never happened, but my husband reminds me that is not the case. Thank you, God, for loving me and saving me. Amen!

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