A young girl looking out over a slum in a poor country.

The Perfect Place Where God Put Me

Growing up, I really liked to live in some European countries because of the beautiful pictures I saw. I even prayed to relocate a lot of times. I felt that there’s something more for me.

You see, in our country where majority of the people are poor, we are used to not having the kind of life that other people in first world countries enjoy. Majority of our houses are made from light materials, and others even from recycled plastics that are obviously coming from trash. I am not indicating that there are no rich people here, only that majority of the people are poor and are not used to a luxurious life.

We are taught to always count our blessings, but surely, that doesn’t make me satisfied where I live. But GOD showed me facts that make me realize that HE knows what’s best for us, that everything happens for a good reason, that if bad things happened, GOD will turn it out for good.

Yesterday, I saw a Facebook post where a lady committed suicide, and some people applauded it. I am both surprised and appalled. Even more shocked I was of her decision when I learned that she actually got a good status/finances in life.

That post also brings back memories of other countries blocking Christians to exercise their faith, some were even killed. There’s also a country, which I won’t name here, that has a physical church for the devil. I felt sick knowing that.

In our country too, it is part of our culture that what we eat and drink will affect our bodies, one way or the other. There are even a lot of people who are not drinking sodas ever since or are drinking rarely.

Other countries seem to have a pill or medication for emotional problems that I think, can be changed by simply shifting our perception or lifestyle change.

We’re told to count our blessings, so that we won’t be sad or depressed. If we feel extra energy, self-control and discipline is the key. For chemical imbalance, we need to eat and drink right. So, you see, majority of the people aren’t dependent on pills, in our country for such cases.

After pondering about these things, I remembered the story of Corrie Ten Boom where she was complaining to GOD about why the prison she was in had ticks and was stinky to the core. Only when the holocaust was over did she get a chance to talk with one of the Nazis, and she was told that they, the Nazis didn’t bother going to her prison room because they didn’t like ticks.

This got me thinking that I am in the perfect place that GOD has put me in. I am now more grateful that while we aren’t a rich country and doesn’t enjoy the same luxuries that other rich countries have, our experience with poverty taught us to be more resilient in life, that majority of our people in our country don’t consider suicide as a way out of a problem, that euthanasia isn’t encouraged.

I am glad that majority of the people in my country still recognize that there’s a GOD in heaven WHO deserves our respect. I am living in a country where Christians aren’t put to prison. I am so thankful for all these things to GOD.

Now, I no longer dream of living abroad. I can’t imagine raising my future children in a country where suicide is considered normal and is encouraged, and talking about GOD is taboo. I don’t like my future children to think that such things are ok. It’s not.

Now, I am very satisfied with where I am. I trust GOD that HE knows what’s best for us. Of course, HE gives us freewill. but what we can’t understand, I will leave it all to Him.

‘All things work for good, for those who love GOD…’

GOD says:

‘For MY thoughts are higher than your thoughts’, and MY ways, higher than your ways’.

I am so glad that GOD made me realize how truly blessed I am to be in this poor country. I also realize that not all of our dreams can come true. But we can always trust GOD that what HE allows in our lives is in our best interests.

God bless you.


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