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The Criminal

Three years ago I became that criminal that hung on the cross next to Jesus. I knew that my crime was going to have serious backlash from the world. As I have sat and looked through the eyes of that criminal, I saw something very beautiful. That one thing that the criminal wanted so much…forgiveness.

In our society that is not handed out. We can almost guarantee that when we make a serious mistake in our life, that we will be punished by society to the day we die. That criminal looked into the heart of the MAN that hung next to him and saw the face of God. In that face he saw forgiveness and it was granted to him when he asked for it.

I can never ask to be excused from the crime that I committed. The one thing that I know is that when the world abandon me….Christ forgave me. There are so many like me out there. Some have the hope of Christ and some wander aimlessly through the world searching for deliverance of any kind. The Lord has chosen to use me and expose my whole life as an example of what happens when you walk outside of the will of God. I am thrilled to death at times and other times I allow myself to get down because of my stupid decisions.

If you are a criminal as well I invite you to give yourself to God… here is the catch. You have to give EVERYTHING. That was my problem. I picked and chose what I would give to Him. That doesn’t work. He tells us that he will expose everything and NOTHING is hidden from Him. Trust me Christians… there is nothing hidden from Him.

Brothers and sisters… not forsake those who have committed crimes… many times the difference between criminals and others, is that they were caught and the others were not. The Bible tells us that He disciplines those He loves. It”s what we do with the discipline that shows who we are as Christians. Nothing is unforgiveable if we ask. The repentance has to come from the heart. When everyone else turns their back… He reaches out his hand. Take it!


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