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The Life and Testimony of a Converted Muslim

Is it crime to be a Christian?

I Hassan, born in an orthodox family where I was hearing always about the Islam; my parents sent me to the Islamic school to learn the Quran. They wanted to make me Hafiz’ Qari and a good preacher of Islam. I taught Quran by heart, [memorized Quran] and was studying to learn more so that I can teach to other people about the Islam. According to my faith, Islam was a good and perfect religion, and I was against the second big religion Christianity. My only vision was to convert Christians to Islam.

I always say that Christian people are foolish and mad because they believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Was Mary the wife of God? There were many questions in my mind, which I can ask to Christian people. How can a man, Jesus Christ, save you? How can you call God the Father? God is God, and He has no wife that He can have Children.

Since 1975, I was at my uncle’s Shop, where some Christian organization was throwing hand bills regarding Christianity, and I decided to read it so that I can debate with Christians, and I can guide them because they don’t know about the truth.

When I started studying the scripture, interest increased in me and, instead of converting souls to Islam, I felt some power pulling me to Christianity – to know much more about the truth and the time came that I was fully agreeing with the scriptures. Since that day and my stage, I could not return to Islam. Let me explain how interest increased in me and forced me to know more about Christ.

I was praying and asking Allah for help for the wisdom and knowledge so that I can convert Christians to Islam. Hand bills that I picked up were Gospel of John and when I read it, my eyes were opened through the scripture. When I started reading,

John 1:1-2
1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
2 He was with God in the beginning.

I laughed at Christian’s minds and said they are a foolish nation. They do not know that in the beginning was the Allah, and they believe some words. Surely, they are stupid, and it will be easy to convert them into Islam.

I was continue praying to Allah to accomplish my vision converting Christians into the only and holy religion of Islam. One night I saw in dream, a man dressed in white appear and ask me “Do you want to convert Christians to Islam?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“Read the Quran with meanings in your own language.”

It was encouragement to me to know that there is some power helping me to know more about the truth and I will convert them and in this way, I will go to heaven.

I started studying the Quran and read about Jesus that God calls Him the word of His mouth, or word of God or Word from God. I was shocked to read this, the same thing I read in the Gospel of John that in the beginning was word. It allowed me to read more carefully. Then again, the same person appeared in dream, and asked “Do you want to know more about Truth so that you can convert Christians into Islam?”

“Yes,” I answered.

Read the Quran in your own language. I continued studying in my own language and found that the Quran calls Jesus the Spirit of God or Spirit from God, or Spirit from Him.

I was very upset at what I was reading and confused on what to do.

Again, a third time the same person appeared and asked

“Do you want to know more about the truth?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“Read the Quran in your own language.”

I continued studying and found that Jesus in only the one who performed miracles, has power to heal the leprous and give sight to the blind born by birth. Jesus is the only one in the Quran spoken about when He was child infant, that I am a servant of God and God made me prophet.

I continue studying and found most my questions that I could ask Christians. I was surprised when I read in Quran, Jesus said, “blessed is the day when I was born, when I will die and when I will raise again.”

I found so much from the Quran as for me it was unholy to read the Bible because according to my knowledge it is not a true copy of the original Bible.

Then, I met a preacher of Gospel who told me more and helped me to study the Bible thoroughly. I was aware of the Muslim’s religion. I studied and compared the Bible with the Quran, where I found that Jesus Christ is not only the prophet, but He is Lord and God with us on earth, who has power to forgive anybody’s sins. In the meanwhile, when I talked to my family and friends about the truth, a conflict arose between us which brought a fight between other people and me.

My parents and few friends called a preacher of Islam to teach me. They asked me some questions and requested me to change the decision.

The big question was, how you can call God the Father? I proved it with reference. But the preacher of Islam was not agreeing yet, says God is God, you can’t call God the Father this is a big sin if you will call God the Father. And you have to apologize otherwise you will be punished.

The preacher said you are out of mind and devil is working in you. I don’t know what he whispered to others, and they beat me severely. My chin was apart, and my clothing were wet with running blood. It was so painful. But this pain was a sweet pain because it was because of my faith’ and I proved that my faith is true. A Muslim doctor stitched my chin.

Since 1976, when my father said you cannot eat with us, you cannot live with us and you cannot get share in my property because now you are a non-Muslim and you know very well that, according to the Islam, your punishment is death. But I want to give you some time so that you can think about your wrong decision.

It was second week of January 1976 when my parents kicked me out from house with these word that from now, we don’t have any relationship with you, from now you are pagan for us, and still we will be ready to accept you if you can come to mosque and announce that you don’t believe this paganism.

Many time, Muslim people and an Islamic organization tried to kill me. But God saved me from every step of evil.

I was running and sharing testimony, city to city. Few friends told me that your parents and a religious group are looking to kill you because you are a bad example for them.

I ran away to other city where, a principal of a Christian technical training center, a British man kept me, and I spent there two years; one year training for electrician and one year to serve the Lord in town and villages.

After a few months, when Muslims heard that I am living in “CTTC” [Christian Technical training center], they sent few bad characters to kidnap me. When a British Teacher saw and listened what they were whispering, he told the principal and he ordered to shift me to another nearest city. It was a big old hospital building that they bought for mission work, and I spent there two months. After two months, principal called me back for final examination for my trade because I was away from CTTC, for two months, and I passed this examination with grade C.

I wrote a book titled “Christianity or Islam” and I sent it to a Christian press. They answered, we cannot print it because Muslims can burn our press because of this book. Then, I sent it to the USA. A brother wrote me, Muslim are looking for Sulman Rushdi, writer of satanic verses, and we can’t print it, for your sake, because Muslims can kill you and we don’t want it.

Sulman is of Indian origin and Iranian Government issue decree to kill him. But Gov of France give him asylum and security. I am not sure whether still he is alive or not.

I was missing my home city and, after two years, when I return to my city, a Christian man gave me a room to live. Next to my room, a preacher of gospel was living with his family. They were aware of my situation. When few people beat me severely because of my religion and same preacher of gospel look after me for whole night, he was praying for my life when I was terribly injured. He provided me medical treatment, and, after a few days, he said I love you and your faith. I want to ask you if you can live with me, as a family member.

He moved to another area, and I spent few years with them.

My brothers heard that I am back to home city. One of them contacted me, Hassan still we are waiting for you. Please, just go to mosque and pretend that still you are Muslim. Please, for our mother’s sake, because she is sick because of this situation. Please, she is waiting for you.

How can I leave my life? How I can leave my Savior who has died for me? I answered.

My brother changed the topic. He smiled and said we are glad that you have come back. Mother cannot wait to see you and we realize that we really treated you wrong, and we want to welcome you back to the family. We will celebrate it with good memory. We will arrange a big party today; whole family will eat together.

I accepted the invitation. I said this is answers of my prayers and I will join my family again.

Same day, in the evening, I was with my father and brothers when I greet my mother. She was weeping and cried tears of joy. It was obvious she had done everything possible to make the reunion a happy occasion. Everyone one was happy at this occasion and table was overloaded with food. My mother cooked my favorite dishes.

When I dipped my fingers in food, my father and brothers were talking about the family business. I told them shortly about my travels and about my faith. No one was trying to convince me to return to the Islam.

My brother and father are whispering when still I was eating, I suddenly became very ill. My arms and legs prickled and went to sleep, blood was running from my nose and body was convulsed with pain. I was praying to God in my heart because I knew that what they did with me. They gave me poison in food. Then, I remembered when few friends told me that I am a bad example for the family and the religion of Islam. I ran out to the road.

A riksha [taxi driver] asked me where you want to go? When I saw a cross is hanging in his motor riksha, asked his name, he said, my name is Peter. I went to my preacher, and he took me to a hospital, where doctor washed my stomach. Praise the Lord, who saved me from the step of evil and gave me life. I was terribly sick because of poison reaction, and preacher and a brother in Christ sent me to a village where I spent few days until I got better.

I was very dis-hearted and feel so discouraged what is next and always think that anytime Muslim can kill me. One evening around 9:00pm I was sitting in Church and thinking if I can return home because this pain of suffering is too much for me and I cannot bear it anymore, I am alone weak and tired and torn. Suddenly I feel as I am sleeping and my body become as I am a little baby, someone dressed in white robe holding me in His arms and caring and sustaining as like a mother hold her sick child and child feel so comfortable in mother’s hands. I could not see His face as I was just a child hold in His arms, but He was in white dressed, after few minutes when I was lying on the floor, I felt so comfortable and it make me strong, and till that day I feel someone with me always taking care of me.

Up to this day I always feel as someone with me and comfort me at the time when I feel uncomfortable. He encourages me when I feel discourage. He sustains me at the time of sorrow and cry.

Brothers in Christ decided that I should leave the country for a while. And I ran away to other countries so that I can hide myself. I went to Iran, Turkey, Syria, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Austria, and China.

God is great. He can use His servant anywhere and he used me in Syria, at the Syrian’ check post when police put me in a basement prison. I asked what the charge is, they did not answer. After a week from the basement prison, where you cannot see the light, they took me to the central prison of Damascus and my charge was that I have a full bag of scripture and you cannot preach Christianity in our country, and now you will be in prison for two and half month. When I entered in prison, a prisoner Australian Citizen, name David, welcomed me and gave me few instructions.

I was continuing praying to God Father, why you brought me here. Please, let me know what my fault is. I was feeling myself very alone in prison. Most time, I was spending in prayer and in singing for the Lord.

After a nine week, police brought a British young man, named Allen, in prison. He was dressed in Syrian clothes and Muslim’s prisoners and workers in prison were together and were praising their God. When I asked a prisoner the reason that why you were together, he said praise the God that this British man changed his Christian religion and now he is a Muslim, and we are happy that now he will go through heaven. We are glad that we convert a Christian to the Islam.

I was very sad about this situation. It was against to my faith. When I was looking to Allen, he is continue going to Mosque and acting in their prayers as they were doing in mosque.

Father, how Allen can convert to Islam? O, Jesus, I am sure Allen is not aware of Islam. Then, why does he deny you before many people?

One day, I asked to God, Father, I can’t face it every day and I want to ask this young man that what is the fault he have seen in my Jesus Christ. Is this is the fault that Jesus has died for you? Is this is the fault that He is crucified for you? Father, give me wisdom and knowledge, and I will talk to him.

11 o’clock at night, I went to his bed, afraid that he can tell the Muslims about this meeting, about the religion. But I decided I have to talk. He was smoking when I greet him, Hi!

He said, Hi!

My name is Hassan and I am from Asia.

He answered, I am Allen from UK.

I asked, what is the charge against you?

I can see the tears in his eyes he said, I was in hotel. Someone stolen my passport. Police brought me here because I don’t have proof of my citizenship. I am very much worried because UK embassy is not in this country. I don’t know what I should do.

When I heard his story, it made me sad. I asked, what is your religion?

Answered, I am Muslim.

From How long you are Muslim?

I accepted Islam in this country.

Did you study about Islam?


Are you Muslim? He asked me question.

I said, no, I am an Asian Christian. He was screaming when I told him that I am converted from Islam to Christianity. He told me that he changed his religion because of the charge that he lose his passport. One Muslim advise him, if you change your religion, police will treat you as a good person. Otherwise, they can torture you.

I promise to Allen, I will pray for you, and I will talk to an Australian friend if he can help you. At night, we were praying together.

One day, I saw David in next campus. I spoke to him little about the Allen and his situation. David told me Syrian are very against to British people. Therefore, they kick out UK embassy from Syria. But God is great, and He will help us. David promised me that he will talk to the Australian embassy, if they can help Allen.

David wrote a letter to the Australian embassy and, after few days, three people, from Australian embassy, came for visit to Allen. They brought some fruit, cloth, and a pocket size copy of the New Testament. They promised for help.

After two days, a man came from Australian Embassy with ticket and a emergency passport for Allen.

He gave me a huge hug and says, O, Father, forgive me. You are so good to me. His last word was to me, my friend, I am thankful to God that I am a Christian and I am thankful to you for all kind of help, and for you that you reminded me and proved that our God is alive.

I gave thanks to God, Father, thank you that I am not alone. Thank you that you can use your children anywhere.

After two days, a policeman called me and said, you are released. And he said he was enjoying when I was singing songs in my language. Police bus released me at the Turkish border.

I was sick and tired and could not find the job in Turkey. I decided to return to Iran. When I went to Iranian embassy for visa, they required to charge $50.00 at the Iranian border. It makes me sad because I had $45.00 in my pocket. I fasted for one day, to ask God for money so that I can get visa for Iran. I was in prayer, and I decided to tell the Iranian embassy that I don’t have money.

After prayer, I went to Iranian consulate, and I told him whole story that how Syrian put me in prison and now I don’t have money. He was happy when I was talking in Persian language. He said, give me your passport. I will see if I can help you. Next day, when I asked him, he said, this is against to our law, but I don’t know why I stamped visa on your passport. It was great joy. I praised to God for the help.

I went to Iran, in Tehran City, where few friends welcome me, and they helped me to find the job. I was working in a scale factory, named “˜Benazeer’, out of Tehran. I was worshiping with a church at the University Road, in Tehran.

During the first week when I reached in Iran, I went to church, and I met Ali’ a Iranian; Muslim friend who was studying about the Christianity. I told him about myself, that how I accepted Christ my Savior.

After a month, he proclaims and accepted the Jesus as his Savior. He was working in Air Force and was living with his brother. When his brother heard that Ali’ is interested in Christianity, he kicked him out from house.

When I left Iran, Ali’ was seeking for shelter in his own country and I was ashamed that why I couldn’t help Ali’. When I told Ali that, tomorrow, I am leaving your country, he was sad.

Then, I went to China and stayed there for a month. I contacted to brothers in Christ, in my motherland, so that I can return to my own land. Same day, when a military man who was also a religious leader died in plane crash, I returned to my motherland.

It was a great joy. There is no place like the motherland. But sometime, it is very difficult when you are not safe in your own home.

When Muslims heard that I am back, they tried to kill me by accident, and they crushed my legs. God sent some people, and they took me to a nearest hospital, which is belong to a Prime minister of Country.

When Christian world heard about this incident, they were praying for me. Muslims were happy that now I will never walk, and I will spend my life as a disabled person.

God is great and He is always so good to me. I spent more than one and half year like a disabled person and my God saved me. Now, I can walk and work. But up to now, sometime inside pain remind me that God is alive, and he brought me to the life when I was on bed, like a dead person.

God gave me new life. But I was not able to travel. I decided to live in a town so that I can hide myself from this evil world.

I brought a mini truck and decided to start a business, so that I can get my daily needs. I started work as a salesman with a food factory. After a few months, after some struggle, I won the market as God is with me and I was starting my work with prayer and guidance from God. He really blessed me and gave me a name in this failed. When other workers heard that I am converted from Islam to Christianity, they beat me and, after a year, I left that factory.

After a few days, God gave a contact for other factory, and I got the job as sales supervisor. After a year, when people heard that I am a converted from Islam to Christianity, before they persecute me, I left the factory.

I joined a other food factory. They were happy with my job, and they gave me distribution for their products. I spent two years with them and, when I left this place because of my faith, a friend told me a job as a salesman. I went to there for interview, and I was selected.

Church advised me to marry, and I marry to a Christian lady. Sarah, my wife, was working as a staff nurse in a government hospital. Life was smooth and we were happy in our home. Three years later, God blessed us with a baby boy. Then, just over a year later, God blessed us with a baby girl. We were living in town, away from the enemies of faith.

It was April 1998; I was working as a salesman. One day, in my factory where I was working, a Muslim man asked me, let us to go to mosque for prayer. I ignored him, as I didn’t hear him. He asked me again and repeat it three time.

After that, he asked one of my drivers, why your boss is not going to mosque.

He answered, how he can go to mosque? He is Christian.

No how, he can Christian. In our record, he is Muslim; by his name and father’s name.

When he insists, my driver he said, why are you asking me? Ask him he is converted from Islam to Christianity.

It was too much for a Muslim. He talked to other fellows. They beat me severely. They said, why you didn’t inform us when you join the factory? We were eating with you, and we don’t know that you are an unholy person. They beat me and broken my truck. I ran away. They warn me to leave the factory and return to the Islam.

I left everything. I talked to a Christian friend about the situation. He was sorry to help me.

One day, I was with a preacher of gospel when, 10:30 at night, he dropped me at home. Burglars had forcefully opened the safe with a steel bar. Money, jewelry, and other many things were gone.

We called to other brothers for help. We pray together for the wisdom and decided that we will not go to police, because police can arrest me because of my faith. I was praying to God for help and was asking to God for wisdom, and I told God, I am leaving this country. Father, you know they warn me and they want to kill me and my family. Please, help me.

A converted brother whom we love, who is working as a preacher, he came to me and said, I am very sorry for the situation. He talked to a friend who is a Bishop.

One day, Bishop called me and said, I am sorry for everything. I wish if I can help you and he provided me help to escape to the UAE.

One day, same Bishop phone me from next state to me in UAE, that he wants me to introduce to a couple, they are servants of Lord. It was really a great fellowship, when I met a Dutch couple husband and wife. I felt that God blessed me through this couple. They are lovely people, and you can see the God from their lives. They asked me to see my wife in my country and, after few days, my wife told me about their meeting.

It brought tears in my eyes when my wife phone me and was explaining me about their love. My wife told me she met her, as she is her mother. She said she was screaming with me, as I am her real daughter ~ when my wife told, to the great Dutch couple, about our past; how Muslims robbed our house. She presented a precious gift, a diamond ring, to my wife. This precious ring will stay with us until we are in this world. It will remind us of the love of God and it will explain us the love of his children.

I was fasting and praying in the UAE. I was praying to God, Father, guide me about my future.

One day, I received a phone call from Nashville, Tennessee, USA. A brother said, we heard about you, and we are very sorry. He said, we have a brother next to your state, named Larry K. Harm. He is a USA national. We already talk to him, and he will help you. I took his phone and address and went to his state.

When I phoned, his servant told me that brother Larry K. Harm is in office. When she phoned him in office, he came to see me. Hi! My name is Larry and you must be Hassan.

Yes, I answered. Brother Larry K. Harm gave me a good respect and asked about my need. He asked me if I need money. I told him I have different problem, that I ran away from my country because of religious persecution, and I can’t return to my country. He said, we will pray for you, and we will help you as we can.

One day, he phoned me that he has contacted to Swaziland, where church can give you shelter. I don’t have word to explain about their love. Larry K. Harm’s family and the church treated me as I am their real brother.

After a one-month, I flew to South Africa where a friend who sponsor me for this trip received me at the airport. I could not see my brother, Larry K. Harm, again. But they will be continuing in my prayers. Praise the Lord, who helped me to flee the persecution from UAE.

After a few month, Brother Larry K. Harm and the church brought my wife and children to UAE and, after a week, they see off my family for Swaziland. I am thankful to God for the wonderful families and their undying love.

One day, I received a packet from Holland. It was a great joy when I open it and received a wonderful book. It is written by same wonderful Dutch Servant of God whom I met in UAE. Book title is “Hidden Sorrow Lasting Joy”, from a worldwide Christian Organization, where she also wrote my story. They make worldwide prayer request for us and so many people in the world are praying for us. We cannot forget their love and I can’t value ate their love with anything in the world. I want to say that they are servants of the Lord and the blessed people in this world.

So, I spent over 6 years in Swaziland. Church applied, for USA and Canada, for us so that we can live an independent life but refused. When a friend told me that situation is bit better in our country, I decided to return to homeland. I have been visiting South Africa and Mozambique couple of time.

Wednesday, 08, September 2004, I was attacked by some fanatic Muslims in Pakistan and injured badly, but saved and alive by the special grace of God.

In March 2005 I was introduced by an American friend to a brother in Christ in South Africa name “Johan Lourence” When I told Johan about my conversion, he just wrote an invitation letter to visit him in Pretoria. I asked my wife about this invitation, and we decided to keep it in prayers. At the second week of March, we just applied to South African embassy for visit visa and start waiting might they will call us for interviews. It was God’s plan for us to apply for South African visas and it was revealed upon us later. Satan was busy working against me and trying to punish me with death sentences.

I was serving through Internet among Muslims and people from other religions. One day I received email from a Muslim friend where he asked me few questions and it was so easy for me to give him with answers. He asked me how we can call God the Father or Jesus the Son of God and it was easy for me to prove from the teaching of Islam and he was agreeing with me.

In April 2005, I received a legal notice from attorney that I spoke against the Islam and he want me to get into court, getting a converted Christian into means they will punish him/her with death penalty as they have done to many like me. We started praying about this issue and asked to our mighty God for help. We asked Him to move on our behalf and force South African High commission to act on our application.
I wrote some of Brothers and sisters in Christ about this legal notice, some advised me leave the country immediately before he files charges in court otherwise it will be a big problem for you. One brother even advised me on what to do in country of destination. It made my life so miserable, and we could not sleep in peace until we left the country. After prayer I decided to leave the country and started to continue praying to God for help.

Legal notice from an attorney

No. MISE/4/05 Dated. 12-04-05
Mr. ——– son of Niaz Ali resident of Kashana Asad But street, inside Dil Kusha Lahore.

Dear Sir,

I have been instructed by my client Mr. Asad Ehsan Son of Ch. Ehsan Qadir resident of House House No, 275-N samamabad Lahore, to serve upon you with the following Legal Notice:-
1- Whereas you got published an article about converting of your faith/Religion from Muslim to Christian and while commented upon background for converting your religion from Muslim to Christian you with deliberated and malicious intention of outraging the religious feeling of all Muslims including my client by using words in written manner and attempted to insult the religion of Islam. Para 6 of your article is reproduced below for reference: –
” Entire world knows that Pakistan is very difficult country for Minority especially for Christian. According to the Islamic Rules and regulation of Islam if someone convert from Muslim to Christian will be arrested immediately and can sentenced death punishment and his all property can be snatched by fundamentalist Islamic.”
2- Your point of view about religion of Islam as well as Pakistan is highly Objectionable & misrepresentation of facts and caused hurt to every Muslim of Pakistan.
3- Your statement referred to above is an Offence under Section 295-A, Pakistan Penal Code and liable to be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to ten years or with fine or with both.

Now by this legal notice you are advised to return back your statement against the principal of Islam otherwise I have clear instruction from client to move legal machinery against you and get remedy from the court of law at your costs &risks.

A copy of this legal notice is retained in this office.

I received a phone call from Attorney that you are a bad example to Islam it is better for you to come back, and we will provide you whatever you need, bring your family in Mosque and pretend that you were wrong, and Christian provide you with money to become a Christian. He asked me the name of Christian who keeps Converted from Islam into Christianity.

I answered him Sorry I cannot accept Islam and Christians do not force and keep converted but I accept Jesus by myself and it was my personal decision. He was angry and threatens me to file charges in court. I was thinking he is just talking and trying to bring me back into Islam but after few days I saw a policeman at my door asking for that there is summons for Mr. ——– to appear in court before Judge. It was enough for me understand what they will do with me. Of course, surely, they will charge me under death sentences. They can kill me anytime as they have already killed many like me. So, I left the home and decided to leave the country.

In same week I received a packet from South African High Commission and found our Passports with visas and we thank God for that as even they did not call us for interviews. Praise the Lord for all His help and love for me and my family.

It was 27th of April when I saw police on the door asking for me to come into court, but we were able to escape. By the help of God we were able to move into a friend’s home and on 29th on April at 10:30 pm we just move into the airport building as police was searching for us. We give thanks to God that we were able to fly at 3:30am and arrived at Johannesburg International airport at 4:45pm.

A very good friend of mine and relative to my wife who also hide me at his home in Pakistan when Police was searching for me, after a two week he sent me rest of papers from Court with charges where Attorney mention some other charges as well and also that I spoke filthy language against the Islam, even I do not know what he is talking about as they are falls charges.

God is with us and taking care of in His mysterious ways, I want to share a testimony with you. One day there was not food at home, and I was praying to God for help and think how I will explain children. Same hour I received a phone call from a person who I do not know before. And he asked me to come over as he wanted to talk with me. I walked as it was about 20 minutes’ walk from my home. He asked me some question and I share my faith with him and when I left, he said if you need any spiritual need tell us and will pray for you. I left him with the words of thanks that he will pray for me but ask to God, Father you know that we are in need of physical thing we need food, but he wanted to pray for us.

Before sundown again I received phone call from same person that I am at your gate please can you come at the gate. I went and he handed me over bread and some soup. So, I call my wife to come and serve food to children and decided to leave some for tomorrow.

Jesus said do not worry about tomorrow it will take care of itself. Tomorrow same time I received phone call from same brother that I am a t your gate please come over. He parked his car inside the yard and open the back show me that I brought some food for you I hope you will be able to eat it. There was so much, and my wife was confused where to put this all and what to eat.

I remind my wife the promise of our Lord.
Heb 13:5-6
5. Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.”
6. So we say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?”

By the grace of God, I am well and alive in South Africa with many Christian brothers and Sisters in Christ. I serve the Lord with a local Church and my desire is to spread the Gospel of Christ among all people. God is so good to me, and my family and He is taking care of us and provides all we need. We met some wonderful Servants of God and get encouraged through them.

Article Published in Miracle Time, and Phone call death threats from Muslims

It was February 2006 when a sister in Christ Dr. Rosalie told me that she is working for a local Christian Newspaper called, The Miracle Time, and she wanted to publish an article on me. Her motif was to help me and make me known among other Christians, most important for me was to glorify the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In March article was published in Miracle Time, with my House Tel and Mobile Tel NOS. In same week we were learn that Muslim also read this newspaper and I received some phone calls from Unknown Numbers that, you are a bad example to Islam how you dare to convert from Islam into Christianity? Leave the Christianity otherwise we will kill you and your family. I talk to one of our Pastor and he advise me to change the Tel. Numbers that I changed in same week. After that there were no more phone calls and I stop attending mobile phone calls without ID or whom I do not know.

Letter received from Muslims

In the name of Allah Most gracious and merciful.

Dear Mr. ————–

I am reading your ugly statement about the last prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) and also about the Holy Quran and the religion of Islam. You are disgracing our religion and Holy Quran with the last prophet (Peace be upon Him) for years. I want to let you know that you hurts our feeling, and I want you to stop publishing such ugly statement about our Holy religion.

You say you was Hafiz and a preacher of Islam, read the Holy Quran above and tell me how you dare you convert from Islam into paganism? You call Jesus the son of God and Mary the wife of God, God forbid it is so ugly statement about Allah. Can you see God with wife? Or talking with His son? Allah is Holy never has wife or son; you must admit it. Mr. you disgrace not only the Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) but Holy Quran and the great religion of Islam and you must die. You have no right to live on this earth.

Mr. ——– you are deceived by western paganism; your belief is a seed from paganism and anyone who against the Islam we consider him enemy. Yes we declared war against the paganism and your punishment is death, you and your family have no right to disgrace our religion and you must die.

I warn you to return to Islam and ask for forgiveness’ and renounce your faith.

May Allah show you the right path, ——— Alhamdu-lillah you was Muslim and will die a Muslim, your children must grow in Islam.
Allah is with all Muslims and cannot allow a Muslim to spend life with enemy of Allah and His Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon Him) do not waste your time and return to the right path. Otherwise, it is not the end of story we will not sit and calm until you punished.

Again, I want to inform you that Publishing your ugly statement in pagan newspaper disgrace our religion and hurt the feelings of so many Muslims, we will not ask any question but want you to return to Islam or get ready for punishment, Mr. ——– you and your family must die it is only punishment you deserve.

Tell your pagan fellows that you will never live in peace, we are coming to destroy you.

You know very well that we Muslim do not fear to die but love death more than life. So, awake and leave the paganism, they are ugly destroyer and murderer. They are destroying whole Islamic countries and we cannot sit and watch. They use money to buy innocent Muslims, it is time to awake and join the war against paganism and turn this world into Islam.

May Allah and His prophet (Peace be upon Him) be with you and show you the right path. Jazak-Allah

Abdullah Al- Jabbar

Abduction and Power of God.

It was March 31 Friday evening when some loving Christian brothers from other Church came into my house for prayer. We spent some hours and they prayed for our safety and protection.

It was around 4:00 am when my wife awakened me and say that there is some noise outside as someone knock our door. I say puppies are hungry and looking for food, I decide to feed them. When I open the door, I saw three men with guns pointing on my head force me to take the keys with me and open the main gate. I opened the gate, and they took me to the double cab was parked nearby, push me into it and asked, now you can call your Jesus for help. I started praying in my heart, asking to God for help and mercy. They drugged me and chained my hands backward, lock both hands and third lock with body, there was no way to escape. I fell asleep and suddenly felt that car is broken, I found myself in another small bucki. I think when they drugged me after that sometimes they transfer me into this small car.

Car was broken and I was awakened, and they were trying to start. It was dark road no light and cars or person, many trees along the road. I stared praying Father help me, finally they start the Car, and it came into my mind why I cannot jump out. My hands were tied chained but third lock that was locked with body of car was open. It was good time to jump off, when they put can in gear same time I jumped out. I was weak and powerless, and I do not know from where this power came, and I was running at the dark road.

They could not see me in dark and God allow their car to stop and open the lock. I was running to light for away and after few minutes I was at the road by a petroleum station. I fell on ground as I was very tired of running and hungry and thirsty. A lady asked me, and I told her and asked to call Police for help. She helped me to phone to my friends, when I request my friend, please can you take my wife and children into your home, he says they are already with him and safe. Case was open in our city and brethren were praying for my safety.

Police came and broke the locks and set my hands free, when they ask me and contact the police in my city, case was registered there, and they decided to send me back. By the help of our living God, I was set free from the step of evils. According to police might they were trying to take me into nearest port so that they can take me into another country. But GOD failed all their evil plans and He show His power to prove that He is alive. Praise be to Him.

Right now, we are trying to leave this country and some friends in USA trying to help us to get into any safe place and country where we can live without fear and act as Christians.


In His Love,

Name changed for security reasons


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