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Jesus Is My Lord (Hindu Conversion Story)

My name is Sunil, after water baptism I took my name Simon Peter, I was born and raised in an aristocratic high cast Hindu family. Being from a high cast Hindu family my daily routine included visiting temples, worshiping idols performing rituals according to the Hindu system of faith. As I was growing, I experienced emptiness within myself. This feeling gradually increased.

When I entered young age, I was totally depressed and could never understand why I was depressed. I visited many Hindu Pilgrim places like Sabarimala (Kerala) etc. in search peace. In college I indulged all kind of pressures that my society had to offer. I started getting addicted to intoxicants. Though I tried to satisfy my senses with the treasures of this world there was a deep longing within me for something which I didn’t understand them. I got totally addicted to smoking and began to roam around like a lunatic person in search of meaning for my life. All my efforts to get some peace wherein vain.

In the meanwhile, I took up a job in company located at Coimbatore Tamilnadu. I lavished my salary in finding more pleasures. However, emptiness despair was still hunting. I began to contemplate suicide.

One day I noticed an advertisement about Good Shepherd Bible Training Center in a Newspaper. It caught my attention, and I got a motivation from my heart to join the training program. I had correspondence to the college authority about my problems. Very soon I got a reply from one brother, and he shared the gospel. I realized that I am a sinner and needed Jesus in my life to set me free from the guilt of sin and the emptiness that I experienced all through my life.

I received Jesus as my personal savior and Lord. From that day life was changed and I have been experiencing lasting peace and joy. On May 26th, 1994, I took water baptism in obedience to God’s word and proclamation of my faith to the world. I was forsaken by parents and other members for receiving Jesus.

In 1997, I got married to a born again Christian her name is Giji God has blessed us with three wonderful children. Jemuel 15 years. He is in ninth standard, Jemeema 13 years she is in 8th standard and Jackie 8 years He is in 4rt. Lately I have moved to Mumbai city with my family, and we are involved in full time God Ministry.

We have started an Independent Ministry registered by the name Hosanna Mission trust India. We have Sunday worship services, weekly prayer meeting, Fasting prayers & Bible teaching systems. Each day we experience Gods Faithfulness as we trust in the Lord for our provisions.

It is my vision to serve the Lord in whatever capacity possible. I wish to preach Gospel and plant churches. I believe that youths can be used enormously by God for which I wish to set up bible training centers to train them. I am praying fervently and waiting patiently for God’s time.

In the Service of the Master,

Rev. Simon Peter


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