Young Woman Praying - Recovery

God Healed Me! Testimony for Jesus Christ

This is a great testimony concerning the Lord Jesus Christ.

Although I believed in Jesus and was raised this way, I had never heard of, nor did I ever experience a miracle. One day when my friend heard that I had become infected by many planters’ warts that had no cure and were not responding to any kind of treatment. There were many planters’ warts and I had never had any kind of disease in my entire life, and they weren’t responding at all to any of the products I bought from the stores, so I had given up. I thought that I would have to get surgery and read that was the only way to resolve the issue.

I had never been taught that miracles still happened today or thought to ask God for one in my entire life and although I was startled by my friend wanting to pray for me, I thought I have nothing against Jesus he was a good guy what is the harm in letting this person pray for me in the name of Jesus, so they did.
As they prayed, I did not look at my body but felt a warm feeling and then I got up and looked and they were gone!

I was amazed! God had healed me through the power of the holy spirit and his son Jesus Christ. I was pretty young when this happened and had never seen a miracle so I was truly amazed and would have been even if I had seen or heard of the miracle happening to another person.

I have witnessed miracles happening to other people since then and researched it a lot and know that they are true stories. I have seen blind eyes, deaf ears, cancer, tumors, broken bones, skin diseases, brain damage, the other great miracles that Jesus would do involving demons or evil spirits all healed and even the dead rise!

I have even met and heard of many people that have visited heaven before they actually pass away and go to heaven forever. I now know that everything that Jesus says is true 100% and I as well as those that hear this testimony have a much better relationship with God and the Holy Spirit. Glory to God! Amen!


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