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The Glory of God Changed my Life (Healed of Pancreatic Tumor)

On October 2006 I was diagnosed with a pancreatic tumor. I was by then only 24 years old and would have never thought that anything like this could be in my body. I underwent surgery for removal of the tumor which was located in the tail part of my pancreas. To the Glory of God, the tumor was benign and was extracted completely…with the extraction procedure, the tail and part of the body of my pancreas were also excised.

Right after my surgery I had lots of prayers from my Christian family, especially asking for regeneration and correct functioning of my pancreas and did a lot of prayer myself. On May of 2008 I went to the doctor for follow up control and the lady that was performing my ultrasound just said

“This pancreas looks complete; it doesn’t look like it was ever cut.”

…to the Glory of God, he answered our prayers and regenerated my pancreas.

Today I am a healthy 26-year-old married, happy, blessed girl who really grew closer to God with this test he put in my life. My uncle is a pastor and I always remember these words he told me right before my surgery…he said:

“The Lord told me that this disease is not for death but instead for the GLORY of God”

…and I definitely believe it…HE glorified himself and drew me closer to Him. Thanks Father. May the Glory and Praises be only for You!


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