Woman Grocery Store Clerk Contemplating Salvation

Incredible Testimony of How I Got Saved

I have an incredible testimony of how I got saved!!! I was 18 years old and worked in a grocery store. I had a friend that told me God loved me and had a plan for my life but she didn’t tell me about Jesus.

One day I prayed as I worked at the register, in my heart, I asked God if he was real. I asked him to show me himself if he was. To help me to believe in him.

Five minutes later I was straightening the shelves and I looked down and saw a tract from the Billy Graham ministries with the title
5 steps to peace with God. I read it thru and prayed the sinners prayer in the back of the pamphlet. That was the beginning of my marvelous journey with Jesus. He answered my prayer and he will answer yours too!

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