Boy Thinking

Cannot Feel God’s Presence

I have been a Christian for 11 months.  I cannot feel God’s presence so it makes me wonder if God is really there for me. I mean, maybe I have committed some sin that He cannot forgive.  I have been prayed over many times by people in my church.  I have diligently prayed the prayers I’m supposed to. I read the Bible (although in truth, they are just words on a page).  While it’s true my life is not great right now, my main concern is “connecting with God”, feeling God’s presence so I can trust that He’s there for me.

I attend a Pentecostal church.  I get very emotional at church services, even though I don’t want to be emotional.  If I know I’m particularly emotional on a Sunday, I skip church because I just can’t handle another sobfest.

Everyone around me in church is filled with the Holy Spirit.  I have only felt the Holy Spirit once. It was about a week after I accepted Christ as my saviour. The Holy Spirit told me not to do something – very strongly. I would really appreciate some advice from a Christian that is in the same boat as me.