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Before: Struggling Teen; Now: Child of God

My family is a very good family. My parents are swonderful Christians and have always showed me the love of God by the way they live. I have always been saved and for the most part of my life, I would say a pretty good Christian. Then high school came around. I went through “phases” where I would be all “Christian” and then turn around and down the road be TERRIBLE. This happened multiple time. I became a homosexual, a partier (drinking and weed), bad language, and was always putting people down. My life all changed when my parents found out about my lifestyle and I tried to kill myself. While laying in the hospital bed, watching my mom cry, I realized I had messed up BIG TIME and I had to find God again. A couple days later I went to a YoungLife camp at Windy Gap and my life did a 360. I was recommited to the Lord and I have been going uphill ever since. It took awhile to get over the pain, depression, and make a new reputation for myself, but now my life is amazing and God has blessed me beyond imaginable. Now I live as a follower of Christ and I am involved in many Christian youth groups/organizations and I live my life as an example of Christ. I thank God everyday for blessing me. I know he did not allow me to die in that hospital bed because he had better plans for me.


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