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After Someone Prayed for me at Church.

I let a woman pray over me at my church I was struggling with a old sin that was weighing me down that I needed freedom for Christ with. To this day she won’t hardly talked to me I asked her if she was mad at me because of my past sin she said no. But when I asked her she lied and she couldn’t look at me in the face and made some excuse up why she was so rude to me and she didn’t act shocked because I asked her this. Most Christians would of said why would you think this your past is your past and I am glad you got freedom in Christ but she didn’t say that.

Since I have confronted her I haven’t seen her in the church so I don’t know if she’s stop going to the church for some other reason or not. I thought we where friends but my sin meant more to her than our friendship. The sin she couldn’t forgive me for is that I had a abortion when I was in high school that took place in 1979. But it was my sin not her’s and I would thought she would of been more understanding but in my church you have no chooce but to let others pray for you it’s the way it’s set up at my church. So no I wouldn’t let anyone pray over you but the bible says other wise but I think the bible is referring to other Christians. Actually you don’t have to have someone pray over you to get freedom from Christ.

You can do it with God and yourself at home all you have to do is repent if I could do it over again I would of done it at home and use my bed as a alter and repent to God. Because I lost a friend because of it but in the other had I got freedom from my past and what she thinks of me don’t matter I don’t know if I shocked her or what but in high school I wasn’t a Christian and I am not going
to stop going to my church because of it because I don’t go to my church for her but to have a relationship with Jesus. When she was praying for me she couldn’t even look at me and when we got done praying her personality changed she wasn’t the same.

So don’t let anyone pray over you with any sin that is not a Christian some people don’t understand other people sins mainly the top sins like murder even through they go to your church let your pastor pray for you but in the eyes of God sin is sin it doesn’t matter if it’s gossiping or murder.

Church doesn’t make you a Christian having a relationship with Jesus does and accepting him as your Lord and savior does and you don’t know where other people’s level of the salvation is with the Lord is and Jesus never said being a Christian would be easy even around other Christians.


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