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The Gift Of Children

I got married about a month ago to a lovely and beautiful girl. Almost everyone was against me marrying her because of carnal reasons like the tribe she comes from. She doesn’t come from a rich background, she being so small she may not be able to bear children for me, and so on.

I took this up in prayer and God revealed to me through His word that we Christians do not follow the rudiments of this world and He God takes the foolish things of this world to glorify himself. He said to me,

“Man looks at the outward appearances but God looks at the inside. We are in the world but not of it.”

Moreover as little as something may be, if Gods power is on it, it avails much.

I took the word in and I married her and within less than a year we have TWO lovely girls. I call them Grace and Faith and they were as a result of God’s word. People can’t just comprehend the fact that those babies came from my wife looking at her size (5 ft tall and 40kg) but I do. And it was because of the hand of God. Brothers and sisters out there, God is a Faithful God and very dependable. My life has been a testimony and I will be sharing with you so that your faith can also be inspired because without it is impossible to please God.

God bless you


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