Praying Girl


I need prayer in something that I come to recognize over the past several months which was actually something I have struggled with long term. I have social anxiety, I always feel unwelcome whenever I am in a group, whether it’s strangers or friends, doesn’t matter. I guess it goes back to my youth where I was hurt by people and therefore, I couldn’t trust anyone from now on.

Throughout high school, though I talked to people, that was it. I didn’t want to take it any further, such as hanging outside of school or visiting one’s house. that was it. In addition to that, those that tried to get close to me, I would take it as a threat, fearing that they would turn their backs against me. This has happened from then to now.

Where I fear being hurt again and as mentioned, earlier, when I do hang out with friends, I feel unwelcome. It hurts so much, I used to isolate myself a lot, and therefore made friendships distant. I fear that I would do it again, because I’m always anxious.


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